Sunday 30 May 2010

Sunday Escape

Pick Up Your Hat
and leave behind

that lonely
cup of tea

step out in style
and explore

what's there
beyond the daily grind!

Now close that book
and see

"what we'll do.
near, far, in our motor car" *

Snap, snap!

1) Box of "Original Lipizzaner Chocolate Balls"
2) Coffee cup by the Viennese Augarten Porcelain Manufactory
3) Free newspapers for transit commuters
4) Antique meat grinders at the Naschmarkt brocante
5) Architect Adolf Loos' "Collected Writings" at Berger Booksellers
6) Old Vienna City Tours in a red open motor coach
7) Tourist - Halbturn Castle, Burgenland
*) Quoted from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Images and Own Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. I was close to calling this "Sunday Follies". ;-)

  2. You take us on a tour to rival any red motor bus!

  3. Lipizzaner chocolate balls? Those poor horses!

  4. Jinksy,
    rain or shine! ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    yep, I wonder if anybody ever thought the different meanings of the ... word. ;-)

  5. {{ when i go to a casino
    i dress UP
    and look EXACTLY
    like That One
    in the long green,
    dream dress;

    THAT is me...}}

  6. SPF,
    I believe you!

  7. Thank you for keeping my little boat afloat with your comments. I'm so grateful.The tea towel picture as my banner is so simple unlike some other blogs where their banners are professionally designed.

  8. I was just listening to a song as i read your post entitled Click, click, boom. Kind of illustrates the pics.

  9. I wish that was you - last pic...
    Love that funny book jacket
    Fun pics-very Sunday

  10. Annechung,
    your header looks lovely -
    I wouldn't know how to get a picture up there! ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,

    Paris Breakfasts,
    that book jacket illustration is a perfect optical illusion, I love it!

  11. Merisi, I have been having server connections irregularities. What pleasure has come from this evening's massive catch up on your recent posts.

    Lots of variety in the images.

    You made me laugh with the notion of Follies with any day of the week attached. Tuesday Follies?


  12. I like these more whimsical pictures :) It's a bit of a tradition of mine to take pictures of people taking pictures so I like that last one a lot :)

  13. Now that song will be in my head all week "pretty chitty bang bang."
    Great pictures as always! Thanks for stopping by the other day; it was nice to "see" you.

  14. Thanks for the little tour :-) A great way to spend a Sunday!

  15. I love those grinders!


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