Thursday 7 March 2019

Heralding Spring
Playing All the Right Notes

In Anticipation of Spring
The birds are singing, the air is balmy,
the wind's pushing the clouds off an ever bluer sky

Image and Text © by Merisi

Tuesday 5 March 2019

May I tempt you?
Faschingskrapfen at Patisserie Demel

Viennese Carnival Donuts
K. u. K Hofzuckerbäcker
Royal and Imperial Pâtisserie Demel

Photographed 11 February 2012
Image © by Merisi

Monday 4 March 2019

Gnomes love Puppenkrapfen
Would you like some too?

Homemade Puppenkrapfen
For all of you,
near and far!

don't eat the gnome!

Image © Merisi
First published 1 February 2008

Sunday 3 March 2019

In the Gloaming
Egon Schiele Lived Upstairs

Egon Schiele Lived Upstairs
Details of the façade of the building
where the artist Egon Schiele lived
Hietzinger Hauptstraße
13th District (Hietzing)

Image and Text © by Merisi

Saturday 2 March 2019

Saturday Morning Farmers Market at Yppenplatz
Buying Daffodils for a Favourite Niece

Buying Daffodils for a Favourite Niece
Saturday Morning Farmers Market
Yppen Square, 16th District (Ottokring)
Image and Text © by Merisi

Friday 1 March 2019

Otto Wagner Court Pavilion
1899 Art Nouveau City Railway Station

Court Pavilion Hietzing
Built by Art Nouveau architect Otto Wagner in 1899
for Emperor Franz Joseph and his family
U4 Metro Station, 13th District (Hietzing)
Photographed the morning of 1 March 2019
Image © Merisi Vienna

After a rather lengthy absence from blogging,
I am trying to get back to posting daily, starting today.
A big incentive was the March theme day - "Green" - over at CITY DAILY PHOTO.
Thank you, CDP, for graciously keeping me on their blog roll.
I encourage you to follow the link below, to "Green" images from all over the globe:
-> CDP March Theme Day

Sunday 27 January 2019

On the 263th Anniversary of the
Birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
was born on the 27th of January in 1756.
Today marks the 258th anniversary of his birth.
The following are my thoughts and images
from a visit in 2009 to his memorial
at St. Marx cemetery.

A wreath of roses and spring flowers
had been laid at the foot
of the grave stone marker,
and a white candle was burning nearby.

It has been snowing in Vienna, all week.
I imagined little Wolferl
being born on a day like this:
A heavy snow storm in the early morning hours,
with the clouds parting at noon,
allowing for a few minutes of sunshine
to caress the face of the newborn genius.

A bouquet of pale yellow roses
had been left by another Mozart loving soul.
They were frozen stiff,
as if to enshrine their beauty forever.
It warmed my heart thinking that someone
had come out all the way,
walked up the long hill,
maybe in a snow storm as I did,
to offer this token of love.

Another friend
had brought a single rose,

gently posing it
on the angel's pedestal.

A red rose kissed
by the winter morning's sun.

An angel,
keeping watch,
cloaked in sunlight.

263 years,
so many years full of music, his music,
source of untold delights and
unimaginable moments of sheer joy.

Somewhere in these hallowed grounds,
Wolfgang Amadeus was laid to rest,
yet his music is with us, to this day.
Music of the spheres
brought down to earth,
not by celestial bodies,
but by a human genius.

The wreath,
a gift by Pension Mozart.

Photographed on 27 January 2009
at Vienna's St. Marx Cemetery
First published in 2009

Images and Text © by Merisi