Monday 31 May 2010

Finding Gold in Vienna

from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
at Schillerplatz towards the Secession,
you first spot this huge apartment building
across the street, at Getreidemarkt

Turning left,
a golden globe,
formed entirely by a filigree of gilded leaves
and berries, captures your attention

The dome
crowns the gabled glass roofs of one of
Vienna's Jugendstil landmarks,

the exhibition hall
of the artists of the
Viennese Secession movement,
built by architect Joseph Maria Olbrich
during the last years of the 19th Century

"Der Zeit ihre Kunst,
der Kunst ihre Freiheit"
Every age its art,
to the arts, freedom

The Secession building
also marks the beginning of
Vienna's Naschmarkt area -
which stretches west,
over and along the Wien river,
with hundreds of food stalls
and a Saturday flea market
at its western end


Saturday Morning
29 May 2010

Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. So interesting the way you combine your splendid pictures with some history.

  2. It's like a beautiful brooch! And look, your Vienna skies do sport the occasional cloud! :)

  3. Amazing how different the dome looks from different angles.

  4. Utterly sensational! They really do it right in Vienna. In our town there is a ball of similar size and placement on a corner building, and it is crude and made of just wire-- not nice at all. This is so magnificent-- and lovely shots! Vienna must be the richest, cleanest city in the world.

  5. What a great post, Merisi. I had never seen images of this building.

  6. How unusual but effective.

  7. How gorgeous that globe is! I'd like a small replica for my own!

  8. The dome is Jungendstil at its best:)

  9. great architecture

  10. Merisi, you find the best locations for photos!

  11. That dome is amazing. You encounter so many interesting places.. such fine surroundings and photos.

  12. I would have to spend a full year in Vienna too see all the marvels you share with us.


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