Saturday 29 May 2010

Saturday Morning at the Market

Two Girls
selling roses

Photographed this morning
at Vienna's Naschmarkt
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Anonymous29 May, 2010

    I an scarcely think of a happier occupation!
    Flower seller sounds excellent to me.

  2. Elizabeth,
    the girls were so sweet, I asked them if they'd mind if I take a pictures, they said why not, and continued chatting with each other.

    I have more pictures to come, from the market and the brocante too. Right now, I am gathering and loading all the props I need for a photoshoot in the studio this afternoon. Finals are looming and time is running faster than ever!

    A wonderful weekend to you all,

  3. Beautiful shot! The one on the left looks like a Botticelli.

    Thanks for the help on linking music to picture! I haven't fixed it yet but will give it a try later.

    Good luck with your photoshoot!

  4. Vicki Lane,
    I was thinking of Botticello's Venus when I spotted the girl, and then the natural bast hanging right next to her .... ;-)

    I am almost out the door, finishing the back-up as I write. I hope I manage to make do with the sorry-looking lemon thyme plants I gathered and the unfortunately not spotless cherries (I can't remember anymore how often I have looked for perfect ones). We'll see!

    Good luck with the picture-music file - it's easy after the first try! ;-)

  5. Almost fairy-tale-ish, the way the girl's hair looks like gold spun from straw.

    Did you see where Vienna has won (again) some award for being the best city in the world? Judging from your pictures, I'm not at all surprised.

  6. WOW!!!
    That looks like a painting!
    Lovely M

  7. This reminded me of a painting, too, one from the Middle Ages. I like the plain-ness of the girls--no make-up, elegant clothes or hairdos, yet they are charming.


    Hugs and Kisses !

  9. I see from Brigitte's comment that it is your birthday.
    Here's wishing you a beautiful day filled with cherished memories.
    I love this candid shot of the two flower girls. Is lovely in its simplicity.
    I wish I could capture life as you do.

  10. It does look like a painting (echoing Carol). I'm so glad you liked your e-bday card! Tanti Auguri, Merisi!


    From Susan & GG

  11. I agree with all the comments about this being a photographic painting. The girl on the right looks a bit like the pre-Raphaelite muse Jane Birkin. Gorgeous Merisi.

    And a Happy Birthday and Kiwi Hug.

  12. I too thought this to be a painting at first glance, what a mood it shows. Love the way the girls seem so natural in their chat even with camera clicking away. Fun~

  13. Lol the one on left looks like she mad to me. Must have benn talking about their boyfriends.

  14. The blond one seems to have stepped momentarily out of a fairy tale.

  15. I too noticed that it is your birthday.
    May this new year bring you all the happiness you can hold!

    Hugs and Blessings... Arija

  16. they look to be in a serious conversation!

  17. Which are the fairest flowers?

  18. Beautiful, it looks like a painting! Wonderful how they are relating to each other through expressions.

  19. Beautiful girls and beautiful roses.

    I hope you had a superb birthday, filled with lovely things, good friends, and happiness.

  20. You took wonderful pictures!

  21. I absolutely love the naturalness of the girls in the picture, and the naturalness of the picture.
    Soft and strong at the same time.
    (And not a calorie in sight!)

  22. Beautiful photo.
    A second, caught.
    The lens, engendering many interpretations.
    You really do.

  23. Long time since I have posted a comment. It would have been the same each time: Thank you so much for the wonderful view on Vienna. If more people would see the world with your eyes most would be happier. As I live in the same district I can feel the path you 'walk' from Hietzing to Kohlmarkt every morning. And the Schwarz handrolls are the best!

  24. When I saw these girls Merisi, all I could think-- they are so tired from all that rose gathering for market. Hopefully they sold out. Great crop.


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