Monday 30 January 2012

Vienna in the Time of Puppenkrapfen
Coffee, anyone?

Coffee Melange and Puppenkrapfen
Puppenkrapfen at Demel may well be compared
to the first flowers that herald the arrival of spring,
only that these delicious morsels
promise a carnival season in full swing

While a Krapfen
is usually the size of a donut -
albeit one without a hole -
a Puppenkrapfen is a smaller version,
dainty enough for Puppen,
the German word for "dolls".
One of the cutest food names
I have encountered here.

How to pronounce it?
Alright, here we go,
everybody pronounce:
You are not laughing, are you?

29 January 2012
at Demel

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Mmm looks delicious and of course not laughing at the pronunciation!

  2. Lorenzothellama:

  3. It looks delicious and served so elegantly!

  4. They look like Polish doughnuts, i.e Pączki, pronounced something like "pon-chky". You can buy them all year round, but they are especially popular during the carnival and the the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday is called "Fast Thursday" and you eat lots of Pączki and Faworki (i.e. crostoli

  5. Oh, I meant to add this link to images of crostoli (faworki)

  6. if I came to Vienne I would never go outdoors...
    Inside these kaffee hauses is too, too tempting!

  7. puppenkrapfen is such a wonderful word. I have to use it somewhere.

  8. I laughed right out loud when I read how to pronounce the word.
    I really want one of those cute little doll dainties right now with some of your coffee.

  9. Sorry, I had to laugh! It does look delicious though!

  10. I am so in for the Puppenkrapfen. Awesome name and looking so good!

  11. I can tell that one is not enough! And so prettily presented.

  12. Beautiful photos and the pastry looked good. I am now hungry.

  13. Zosia,
    oh yes, I know them under the name crostoli, or Galani as they are called in Venice.

  14. Sounds delightfully rude, yet looks simply delightful!

  15. I'm not laughing, no no, I like Puppenkrapfen, in France, we call it "krapfen" only or beignet. Puppenkrapfen at Demel's ! Huuummm I am going with you...
    Delicieux !
    Nice evening (under the snow in France ! ggrrrr lol)

  16. Merisi, more laughter over here in New York. And a little envy...I would love to be sitting at a table in Demel's right now sampling this seasonal treat.

    All the international pre-Lenten treats seem pretty wonderful to me! Last year, I went for the old no-chocolate pledge for Lent, with a little bit of try to be positive in encounters thrown in for "good measure."

    Not yet sure what this year's adherence will involve.


  17. You could hear me? I did laugh to read that pronunciation. What a cute word and food.

  18. These look delicious... would go well with my cup of coffee :-) Very Happy New Year to you... hope it's not as cold as here right now - Miranda x

  19. ‪Lindsay @ Our View From Wien:

    Demel's Puppenkrapfen are delicious!

    eating doughnuts on “Fast Thursday” - interesting!
    (I suppose “fast” refers to “meatless” of old.)

    you could tumble out of one and fall into the next.
    Enough time outdoors to catch a breath of fresh air. ;-)

    ‪Charles Gramlich,
    you'll let me know if and when you do, won't you? :-)

    I wished I could send you some virtually!

    no apologies necessary! ;-)

    welcome to the Puppenkrapfen club! ;-)

    one Puppenkrapfen is perfect if all you need is a little something not too sweet -
    for more there's always the bigger Faschingskrapfen. ;-)

    ‪L. D. Burgus,
    thank you! :-)

    Hidden meanings - onomatopœia surprise ... ;-)
    ‪Nathanaëlle -
    interesting, I did not know that the French use the word “krapfen”!

    smile! ;-)

    I think I did! ;-)

    ‪Miranda Bell,
    quite cold here too – some Siberian High is pushing icy air into our region.

  20. Laugh? Moi?

    But I would like to try to make these, just for the pleasure of offering them to my family. "Do have a puppenkrapfen, my dear."


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