Thursday 20 May 2010

Stormy Weather

Stormy Clouds,
New Horizons
Driving from Steyr
in Upper Austria
towards St. Peter in der Au
Lower Austria
About 90 miles
west of Vienna

*) Quoted from
"Stormy Clouds"
by The Verve

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9 May 2010
© by Merisi


  1. Oooooooo
    I LOVE your landscapes!!!
    so moody...
    so evocative
    these houses tell a story...

  2. Paris Breakfasts -
    Carol, Austria is blessed with places like these here!
    I love this period of spring, the greens are spectacular and the meadows filled with buttercups.

  3. Must you torment me with such lovely photos ;) I especially like the first one with the contrasting fluffy clouds and blades of green. I can only dream of such verdant fields and cool weather.

  4. such sublime images here...each one a picture postcard image...fabulous!!

    saz x

  5. It never ceases to amaze me - how beautiful the world is.

  6. I'm mad for these landscapes that you do Merisi-- love them.

  7. This year in Poland we have alerady enough of storms, rain and generally water, how I wish a real spring would begin

  8. Absolutely gorgeous captures, Merisi! I love them all and such a wonderful variety. And not just beautiful skies, but beautiful landscapes! Superb! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  9. Hi Merisi....these photos are particularly wonderful to me because of the sweeping views they capture so pleasingly. Love the parallel lines in the first one..the cloudy streaks and the slope of the hill; meanwhile the grasses are at right angles to the rest! Such beautiful country there.

  10. Wonderful Sky Watch post, Merisi!


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