Wednesday 19 May 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

"Mon enfant, ma soeur,
Songe à la douceur ... "

19 Mai 2010

© by Merisi

Quoted from Baudelaire's
"Invitation au Voyage"


  1. Nice flower, nice quotation (had to look it up..I like to be introduced to things I've never come across before) and yes please for the coffee :0)

  2. The second picture is intriguing -- where do the doors and the ladder lead? Love that shade of blue-green!

  3. Yes, pour me a cuppa, please (better make it de-caf). Any more strudel left?

  4. Coffee and beauty, everyday. It's a lovely life.

  5. Val,
    "Invitation au Voyage" is one of my favorite poems.

    Vicki Lane,
    I have added two live links:
    - Clicking on the titleof this post, will take you to the homepage of the inn, the Pfarrwirt in Heiligenstadt, in Vienna's 19th District
    - clicking on the "Photographed" line under the picture with the ladder will lead you to the history of the building, which is quite interesting.
    Vienna is lucky to have entrepreneurs like the owner of this inn, restoring buildings like this takes more than money.

    there were variations on the strudel theme on the menu, but I had decided to so "just say no" - can't understand quite why, come to think of it, now. ;-)

    Butternut Squash,
    it's those fleeting moments that need to be held onto, isn't it?

  6. Yes, please!
    It would be my absolute pleasure to have coffee with you Merisi!


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