Thursday 20 May 2010

Café Weimar
Coffee in Style and with a Smile

A Spot by the Window
where the light is bright
and soothing at the same time

A Choice of Cozy Upholstery
or stylish Thonet chair

Where All the News
are still in print
and portable
on a well-turned wooden stick

A glass of water
on a silver tray,
sugar cubes and
a small jug of milk

It's still so early
in the morning,
it is teatime for M -
coffee can wait!

The Coffee-Coloured Wiener dog
Born in the USA,
but he has learned
to love hanging out in Kaffeehäuser -
ein echter Wiener eben!

Not in the Picture:
The friendly cheerful waiter,
who reaffirmed once again my hunch
that "The Grumpy Viennese Waiter"
is but well-coddled Viennese lore:
I have yet to find one.


May 2010
at Café Weimar
Währinger Strasse 68
9th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Hello Merisi.

    The light quality in those Stormy Weather pictures was electric. I could just feel the motion in the air as the weather changed. Beautifully captured!

    And, these early morning indoor photos tell of a very different atmosphere. A friendly, welcoming place in which one might ease into a day.

    A question has occured to me. Do these fabulous cafes allow the use of cell phones and laptops. Somehow, I hope the answer might be no, and the patrons would not need to see a sign to honor the calm spirit of the space.


  2. Your viennes cafe glasses are to die for...
    So seductive
    and so is MAXIE!!!!

  3. Dear Frances,
    cell phones are not welcome (and I do not remember anyone chatting away on one, ever), but laptops are, free WiFi is offered at many cafes nowadays. Infact, it is the portability of work and study that my laptop allows me which makes it possible to spend time at a Kaffeehaus. I honestly have never been disturbed by a laptop user there.

  4. Max!!! He is such a cutie! What a wonderful spot he has to pick up all of the yummy morsels dropped on the floor. Do you take him out with you often?

  5. Ah, so very elegant. (I'm packing my bags, btw) :)

  6. Max is so handsome! And the previous post -- the blue-grey skies and yellow-green foliage -- is beautiful!!

  7. Ah, I love it that the Cafes still have newspapers on "sticks"! Funny, I was telling my husband about that classic cafe in Salzburg just the other day - Cafe Tomaselli. Mmmm...

  8. Kurwenal20 May, 2010

    Bliss. Such elegance.

  9. Lots of style in that coffee house. I am happy for you that you have never met a grumpy waiter in Vienna. Here in Malta they are a dime a dozen :(

  10. Fun place, fun captures and the little longhaired pooch is adoreable. My sister has had at least one of these for over 40 years~

  11. gosh, no cell phones allowed! what will people do....sounds more wonderful! Vienna needs to be on my to do list for next year!

  12. This atmosphere of those "Kaffeehäuser" is unique,only in Vienna you can feel it so well

  13. Thank you, Merisi.

    Now I have an "enhanced" picture of these marvelous cafes.


  14. Wow, beautiful posts while I was gone! This is so yummy and sumptuous ... I am feeling the need to go somewhere for tea in cozy chairs! & Love when newspapers on those wooden sticks!

    Thanks for taking us with you!

  15. This blog is like a vacation! I can't wait to read and see all that I have missed.. I haven't made it to Vienna yet, so this will be a great hold me over..;-)

    Your photos are a delight.



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