Sunday 18 April 2010

The Cherry Orchard

"... everywhere I have been,
every minute, day and night,

my soul has been full
of mysterious anticipations.
I can hear the sound of its footsteps....

I feel the approach of happiness, Anya;
I see it coming ...

it is coming towards us,
nearer and nearer;

And if we do not see it,
if we do not know it,
what does it matter?
Others will see it."

Quotes from
Anton Chekhov's play
"The Cherry Orchard"

17 April 2010
St. Marx Cemetery
3rd District
© by Merisi

"Be free, be free as the wind...."


  1. Only thing missing is the perfume...

  2. Your world, breathing with life.
    Truly gorgeous photos.

  3. lovely post and beautiful blog!

  4. To this I add, an excerpt from Walt Whitman's Passage to India....
    O my brave soul!
    O farther farther sail!
    O daring joy, but safe! are they not all seas of God?
    O farther, farther, farther sail!
    The pictures are beautiful.

  5. Really enjoyable photographs!

  6. Absolut wundervoll, dieses ganz spezielle Merisi Licht und die Verse dazu - was für ein schöner Moment. Danke!

  7. Beautiful post, I think Spring has arrived here too!

  8. I love the way you put these verses to images. You do a beautiful job at this, Merisi.

  9. Those blossoms look beautiful :0)

  10. Gorgeous as ever, Merisi. I really am going to have to invent some new superlatives.

  11. I did a report on one of Anton Chekhov's plays or short stories once. I failed miserably. I wish paid more attention to it!
    Oh what do I know...!
    Anyway, I digress.
    I do love gazing at rows and rows of cherry blossoms!

    W.A. Mozart: so young, so gifted, alas, gone too soon (35??)!
    That is arguably simple yet spectacular grave of a very famous composer!

  12. Merisi, you have captured the beautiful flowers close up! On this afternoon's walk, I went for the long view camera click ... and did get to see the tulips on Park Ave.

    Best wishes!

  13. I love the way your second photo shows the star at the base of each blossom -- a blooming galaxy!

  14. Ah, beautiful photos. Spring has taken a back seat this weekend with the sighting of a little sleet and a few snowflakes this weekend.

  15. yum...I can just SMELL those blossoms! Can't wait to get them here.

  16. so beautiful!and great wheather btw

  17. Pretty blossoms - they promise long days and blue skies xo

  18. Wish I could inhale the heady aroma of the cherry blossoms. Beautiful pictures. Our trees finished blooming quite a while ago. I actually think we will have a nice but small crop of cherries this season. That is if I can get to them before the birds gorge themselves.

  19. i looooove cherry blossoms! they're in bloom here in Toronto as well !

  20. Oh, the season, the season!


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