Saturday 17 April 2010

Brocante à la Viennoise:
Allegro con Brio

Rule #1
A proper Viennese Brocante
has to take place
in a suitably elegant
No dusty fields

Rule #2
You are strongly
encouraged to dress
for the occasion.
Cocktails before, during, and/or
afterwards are de rigueur

Rule #3
Rules are there
to be broken.
Coffeepot has no lid?
Use the teapot's

Rule #4
Acknowledge thy mother's
exquisite taste in china.
Your mother would have
to be married to Bill Gates nowadays
if she wanted to buy that same old china set
you ate your childhood meals from

Rule #5
Forget about the rules:
Just look at these milk jugs.
They lend themselves beautifully
to stir the perfect Palatschinken dough

These beautiful pastel-hued dishes
used to grace many an Austrian family's
everyday dinner table in the Sixties and Seventies.

The Lililen-Porzellan company
discountinued production of the
popular "Daisy" dishes in 1971.
Collectors have been hunting
for them ever since.

Click --> Lilien-Porzellan
to learn more about
the success story of
these extraordinary dishes
from a small manufacturer
in Lower Austria


today at the
Saturday Flea Market
West of Naschmarkt
along Wienzeile
U4 Metro Stop:


  1. Merisi, I love ALL your posts but this one really clicked with me. Those dishes, that dress, Gorgeous!!!! I go to the Nashville Flea Market next Saturday. I believe I will take my camera. I'm off to research Brocante.

  2. Oh, I want those tea cups and saucers so badly! They'd look so beautiful in our cottage.

  3. Beautiful stuff! Love that dress!

  4. Merisi, tomorrow will be a rainy day here (so sayeth the forecasters,) but all the same, I will not have to go to the shop.

    I want to take my camera over to Park Avenue and capture those annual tulip shows for you. Thanks for the previous posts' rainy beauty, and the violets, and the treasures you saw at the brocante. I might also cross through one of our rather tawdry brocantes tomorrow. Might spot a treasure, surely not one as beautiful as any of that marvelous china.

    Best wishes. xo

  5. I'm a teapot them, use them, have to have them. I love your blog, it's the reason I started carrying my camera again and deciding to take photos each day! Thank you!

  6. Dear readers:
    This morning, Corey of "Tongue in Cheek" - she writes from Provence, France - has written a paean to the French Brocante, about the joys of "brocanting", which is about so much more than hunting for material things.
    Click on the link embedded in Corey's name above and enjoy!

    A wonderful Sunday to all of you,

  7. D.B.,
    brocante is originally French,
    meaning flea market, i.e. a place where bric-à-brac is sold, not necessarily precious antiques.
    Lots of fun next Saturday! :-)

    SK Waller,
    they would be perfect, indeed!
    I am also getting a serious case of the wants.
    They are part of my childhood.

    Vicki Lane,
    when I looked at the pictures last night, I could not believe that I had not at least asked about the price of that dress! I had only ten minutes or so for a quick peek, though, next time! ;-)

    I am so looking forward to see the Park Ave tulips!
    A wonderful Sunday to you! :-)

    I love tea pots too!
    Did you see the funky gold-rimmed one at my Easter breakfast table? I have to get back to that flea market next Saturday, they had a tea pot there .... ;-) I am looking forward to see more of your pictures!

  8. Dear heavens above! Even your flea markets have style, no dusty dirty remnants of cleared out garages and attic lofts for the Viennese. Happy hunting everyone.

  9. lovely post and great colors! so springy!!

  10. Cups, dishes, tea pots are all well laid out, with soft and nice colors and shades: beautiful post!

  11. I will have to find this market! Such beautiful dishes. And the balconies in the first photo - exquisite!

  12. i just want those pastel tea cup set! i want them, i need them!

  13. Fun photos Merisi-- you know I want that pastel Porzellan.

  14. I saw this exact same set last week--maybe we passed at the same time!

    I also live in Vienna... check out mz blog?

    Nice to read you,


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