Monday 19 October 2009

Monday Morning

"What do you mean,
'We are toast fried!'?"

Acciughe Fritte
on Moleskine Notebook

September 2009

somewhere along the
Venetian Lagoon
Jesolo, Italy

Photographs and Text
© by Merisi


  1. oh yummy, salted sardines, a favourite!

  2. @ Shadow,
    those were fresh sardines, deep fried.
    They tasted heavenly. I was sitting outdoors in the warm autumn sun, listening to the leaves susurrate in the trees and the low murmur of the water nearby.

  3. Yummy! And beautifully photographed, too.

    "Morning in the Burned House" is now on my list. Thanks, Merisi. You always steer me in the best poetry directions!

  4. Oh, so witty, Merisi! I justimagine those fish talking like that. They look really grumpy. They look as if they might have crawled straight of of the primordial slime, as well as the frying pan :-)

  5. Charles Moleskine19 October, 2009

    I am disgusted that you see fit to use our stationery as a plate to eat from.

    Manager, Moleskine Publications Inc.

  6. Traveling in Italy? Or are you already escaping the cold weather?

  7. Oh, those sardines look heavenly!

  8. Merisi... how lovely. I was a little curious about that first one. Thank goodness for your much more aware commenters who knew they were sardines!

    Who knew fried sardines could be so pretty? And yum!

  9. i've never had fried sardines...something to try.

  10. @ Willow,
    you wil love Margaret Atwood's poems, I am sure! :-)

    Here is one:

    Siren Song

    This is the one song everyone
    would like to learn: the song
    that is irresistible:

    the song that forces men
    to leap overboard in squadrons
    even though they see the beached skulls

    the song nobody knows
    because anyone who has heard
    it is dead, and the others can't remember.

    Shall I tell you the secret
    and if I do, will you get me
    out of this bird suit?

    I don't enjoy it here
    squatting on this island
    looking picturesque and mythical

    with these two feathery maniacs,
    I don't enjoy singing
    this trio, fatal and valuable.

    I will tell the secret to you,
    to you, only to you.
    Come closer. This song

    is a cry for help: Help me!
    Only you, only you can,
    you are unique

    at last. Alas
    it is a boring song
    but it works every time.

    (Margaret Atwood)

  11. @ Wondring Star,
    if you look closely, you can still see the trail of mucilage! ;-)

  12. I thought we were the only ones who ate Sardines that way...always thought it was a Scots thing!!! Good morning from a frosty South was 31 degrees this am and I am so happy that we thought to cover the tomatoes!!!

  13. Looks like some kind of alien lizard. I think I'm not eating those.

  14. @ Charles Moleskine:
    First, let me thank you and your esteemed family for the brilliant writing tools you have created, a true gift to the world at large and to us lowly scribblers in particular!

    Please be assured that I did not eat from your notebook! I only used it as a prop because no lowly plate would even come close to look half as good. I wiped the surface carefully afterwards and - as expected - it looked like new again. Talk about strength and sturdiness and beauty, all in one word: Moleskine!

    May I point out that I did not use just any sardine, but three truly exquisite specimen that were both tasty and good looking, with a great sense to boot!

  15. @ hexe,
    O how I wished it were so:
    No, this is from what little I rescued from my archive, thanks to keeping some photo files on my memory cards during the last days of my trip.

    @ Vicki Lane,
    they tasted heavenly too!

    @ Alix,
    I used the Italian accigughe because it seemed more innocuous that simply "Fried Sardines"! ;-)

  16. @ Erin,
    you don't have to deep fry them:
    They taste heavenly just pan-fried, maybe a little dusting of flour before, a bit of parsley if on hand.

  17. YUMMY!! My daughter tried mussels for the first time when we were in France -- the video is hysterical. I should post it sometime!!

  18. @ Sandi McBride,
    the Italians love them that way,
    I do too.
    Would you believe me when I tell you that in Washington DC it is quite hard to get fresh ones? The only place I know of is in Bethesda, MD, at A&H Seafood. They used to have them on Thursday, flown in from Portugal!

    I cannot believe that it is that cold in South Carolina!
    Frost this time of the year would be rare even in DC.

  19. @ Charles Gramlich:
    Should you ever come to Vienna,
    I shall convince you otherwise! ;-)

    @ Cheffie-Mom,
    (Thank heaven, my father did not take pictures when he tried to convince us kids to eat escargots!)

  20. Charles Moleskine19 October, 2009

    Merisi you have put up a very plausible defence.

    You are forgiven. May we please refer to this in our publicity material?

    Manager, Moleskine Publications Inc.

  21. Everyone seems quite enamoured with the sardines photo.....however, I really like the lagoon photo. Very reflective and calming as it is proving to be a fast paced Monday for me.
    Happy Monday, Merisi!

  22. Cool. I've never seen such a thing.


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