Saturday 17 October 2009

Viennese Moments

White Cyclamen
and a view of the
rainy outdoors

From the Inside
Looking Out
watching early birds
explore the market stalls.

A tall Caffèlatte
and a genuine fresh Viennese croissant
Italian cornetto, baked on the premises,
layered with San Daniele prosciutto
and velvety mache lettuce.
Can life get
any better than that

A Viennese Treasure:
La Salvia

"Cose buone dal Friuli all'Istria"
This Italian style "Alimentari" Delicatessen,
café, bistro and wine store
offers a large selection of the best food
the regions comprising
the Friulian plains to the Giulian highlands -
embraced by the Alps to the west,
the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic coast to the east -
and the peninsula of Istria -
straddling nowadays parts of Slovenia and Croatia -
have to offer.

From the Blackboard:
Prosciutto, Salami, Cheese,
Collo Ham, Olive Oil,
Vine, Grappa, Prosecco,
home made pasta,

Un Cappuccino
Frothy milk coffee only,
with a side of Sunday's paper,
for those of you
who prefer a more ascetic breakfast.
The almond macaroon
does look tempting though

You'd rather
enjoy your coffee outdoors,
drizzles notwithstanding?
No problem,
that's what window sills
are there for anyway!


La Salvia
Yppenplatz corner of
16th District

Photographs and Text
© by Merisi
17 October 2009


  1. Wie es scheint, kann La Salvia meine Gedanken lesen :) Oder es entspricht einfach haargenau meine friulanische Einstellung heute :)

  2. The coffee looks very tempting.

  3. Che bel paese! Lovely to be on the crossroad, with the best from each.

  4. Was just reading the Sunday paper and noticed it was a little cool there. Autumn has definately arrived.....which makes the coffee even more appealing! Happy Sunday, Merisi :D

  5. I don't know which is more tempting: the tall latté with the scrumptious "sandwich" (that seems the wrong word for Europe), or the lovely cappucino with the macaroon. I know, I shall stay there all day, and indulge in everything! Thank you for this.

  6. Good evening Merisi,

    If I were to choose, I would choose the Italian variation over that ascetic macaroon.

    If I had not that choice, I would be delighted to have either.

    I'll soon be setting my alarm clock for a very early rising, and think that sadly, my Monday breakfast might involve instant coffee and Cheerios.

    How I love to dream of a better life via your images.


  7. Merisi, there are MANY reasons why I have been a fan of yours from the first time I saw your blog, almost three years ago.

    That white cyclamen shot simply reinforces everything I have said about the quality of your work.

    I bow, to your brilliance. Again.

  8. I always get hungry coming to your posts. The coffee looks divine and I love the white flowers.

  9. @ Bulgariana,
    La Salvia ist ein richtiges kleines Schatzkästchen, nicht wahr?

  10. @ Rashed,
    it tastes as good as it looks,
    the coffee beans comes straight from Trieste, that port city famous for its torrefazioni, the coffee roasting plants!

    @ lakeviewer,
    ma si! :-)
    Crossroads it is!

  11. @ Allie,
    enjoy the fall days around your region, with plenty of sunshine, I hope!
    We suffered an unfriendly way too early winter visit,
    now temperatures are climbing up again, thank heavens!

    @ ds,
    Austrians use "sandwich" all the time,
    Italians would go for a "panino" or "tramezzino" -
    Would you like me to pour you another cup of coffee? ;-)

  12. @ Frances,
    I chose that cornetto first and, after spending an hour or more wandering the market, I come back to warm body and soul with a hot cup of cappuccino.
    May there be sunshine when you'd like to walk to your market! :-)

  13. @ david mcmahon,
    thank you,
    thank you again,
    where would my little blog be without your help and guidance? I would have given photography up long ago!

  14. @ photowannabe,
    thank you,
    I hope you found a good cup of coffee! :-)

  15. Merisi, that first photograph looks like a painting, it's amazing. Another wonderful pictorial tour around your beautiful streets - it's always a joy to visit with you.

  16. I'm reading this before breakfast and how I wish I were there!

  17. You have a knack of making the rainy days so colourful and beautiful. That first photos is like a dream.

  18. Thanks, Merisi, for helping me "get away" this morning. Your photos always make me feel like I've been someplace special.


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