Monday 19 October 2009

Where To Go On A Rainy Day In Vienna

Kleines Café
Small, but big enough
to star in a movie!
Franziskanerplatz 3!

The Colour of Chocolate
Indulge all your senses!
Schoko Lade Werkstatt
Ballgasse 4

Leporello Books
Independent Bookstore
Branching out at the former
"Seitenweise" Books
Singerstrasse 7

Visiting Edvard Munch
Leopold Museum

Sitting Pretty
Entry Hall
Egon Schiele Poster
Leopold Museum


  1. Who would mind the rain with such possibilities!

  2. The "chocolate" doors are amazing. I think I want to go in there right now.
    Its raining here today too. So, what am I doing? Fiddling on this computer when I should be doing something exciting like laundry...
    There aren't any romantic building around my city that would benefit from my camera on this drippy day.

  3. It was the book store that drew me in

  4. Franziskanerplatz is, of course, my favourite place on the planet... what a lovely shot of the Kleines Café.

  5. The fronts of these buildings all look like candies.

  6. OhMyGosh!

    Do you really have to tempt me so much!!!!!

    I'm in Oslo. When is the next plane leaving for Wien?????

    Can you make up a bed for me? And order some cappuccino, Austrian style with whiped cream......

  7. I'd go to Leporello and then to Schoko Lade. The day started rainy here too, but then the sun came out. Do you know that a type of book binding is called "Leporello"?

  8. Merisi, these are all interesting (for one reason or another) places to go on a rainy day in Vienna. Your pictures are, as always, very fine. It's good to know from your comment that last week it snowed in Vienna: here in Turin not yet, only on the nearby mountains at about 1500m.
    Have a beautiful evening! :-)

  9. Something to keep me busy all day.


  10. I love so much this kind of café


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