Monday 18 May 2009

Why the Dearth of Monday Poems?

Why the Dearth of Monday Poems?
Says me,
while looking at Sunday's mirror.

After all,
Mondays follow Sundays,
and that alone should be reason
to celebrate.

Monsieur Renoir?

Echoes of Auguste's
Luncheon of the Boating Party?

The well dressed Ladies
in their summer finery?

The clinking of the glasses,
the bottles of wine?

The waiter in the starched white shirt?
Oops, wrong line,
wrong picture too!

(Come to think of it,
who wants to be served
by Renoir's garçons in underwear???)

There we go!
Oops, there we go again, indeed,
wrong image! *sigh*

Look at this scene,
out on a wooden deck,
no boat in sight, but
no mysterious gentlemen in tophats either!
(Ever wondered about those gentlemen,
milling about in the back of Renoir's boat,
looking like ominous tax collectors,
ready to spoil the fun

Ah, Life is But a Dream
Built on a dearth of Monday poems


Photographed by Merisi
- who studied Renoir's
beautiful, room-filling painting intently
on many a visit to The Phillips Collection
in Washington, D.C
. -
May 17, 2009
Schloss Hof - Hof Castle

Once upon a time,
Hof Castle had a working farm.
Nowadays its main building houses
the restaurant
"Zum Weißen Pfau"
"To the White Peacock"
The outdoor eating area
offers a view of the castle on one side,
rolling hills of the open countryside
on the other.
The food is not bad either.


Dedicated to my friends
Renate and Veronika

"The Luncheon of the Boating Party"
would have not have been half the fun
without their company!


  1. Love your enticingly romantic photos and deletions..LoL

  2. Ah, and what beauty you have to build that dream upon!!!! Love your sense of humor as well :-) ~Janine XO

  3. And who says poems must rhyme? That was a lovely poem to be sure...the pictures made it sing!

  4. How romantic is that place?For some reason it makes me want to revisit Savannah!

  5. Thank you for the very kind commentary over at my place, Merisi. Your visits always brighten my day!

    And, yes, I often wonder about the men in top hats and such, in the background of paintings, and try to imagine their little stories. I suppose I'm just a bit weird.

  6. You're a genius Merisi, and so funny!

  7. I have not thought of MOnday's as particularly poetic in nature. Until now.

  8. Maybe there are no Monday poems because, according to the Mamas and the Papas, you can't trust that day.

    See lyrics at -

  9. Many thanks for lending your poetry
    to my Monday!

  10. This brought a smile, Merisi. That's such a fabulous painting you speak of, and it's fun to hear that it inspired so much. Cin-cin--to Monday poems.

  11. Delightful post, Merisi! Thanks for the giggles, too.

  12. Hi Mereisi

    now about that garcon....

    and tell me

    how do you do that crossing out lark?

    Happy Days

  13. Monday is a day of rest for us poet;)

  14. Thank you, Arija,
    I had fun thinking them up. ;-)

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    thank you, Janine! :-)

    Sandi McBride,
    thank you, Sandi (not that I would have been so audacious and calling my ramblings a poem)! ;-)

    Carol @ TheWritersPorch,
    I agree, that place is romantic, indeed! ;-)
    Savannah, oh, I want to come with you, the squares, the porches, the fountains, the Johnny Mercer House around Christmas (as far as I will ever get to be "invited" to a Christmas party in Savannah - remember John Berendt's book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?)!

  15. Suldog,
    you are welcome,
    and congratulations again on winning David's Post of the Day Award! :-)

    As you can see, you are not alone in imagining all sorts of stories around paintings (have you ever read Billy Collins? He even imagines stories about real poets, just google "Billy Collins" +Emily Dickinson *smile*).

    I blush about the genius,
    but love your opinion about me being funny (my kids always say that I am "so not funny" *smile*).

    Charles Gramlich,
    we need to do something about the poor reputation of Mondays, don't you agree? ;-)

  16. Vicki Lane,
    oh yes!!! :-)))
    My grandmother (a German speaker) used to sing "Monday, Monday" as a lullaby to my little baby brother. I always thought she was singing about a "little man" (Monday as she pronounced it sounded like "Mann-di" - an imagined diminuitive of "man" to my little girl's ears).

    Judith. Santa Fe,
    you are welcome! :-))

  17. A Brush with Color,
    thanks and cheers to you!

    "The Boating Party" (a painting so large it really fills a room) alone is worth a visit to the Phillips Collection, then the Klee paintings and their cozy little lunch place downstairs, always good for a tea and one of their fabulous sandwiches!).

  18. ahhhh i lovedddd the first picture...
    what a beautiful way to weave a story around it...
    loved it !!!

  19. willow,
    you are welcome! :-)

    you have to put the words between "s" and "/s" (using angle brackets)!

    Those guys in the undershirts? Look at the picture - aren't they a bit too casually dressed? ;-)))

  20. Cathy,
    brilliant thought! :-)

    Ms. Neha Gandhi,
    thank you, my pleasure! :-)

  21. Oh, what an enjoyable post! I think it is time for me to revise the works of Renoir!

  22. lovely photos and nice way of presenation

  23. I know I've told you this before - but I love coming to your blog. Your photos always bring a smile to my face. Love these photos!

  24. All your words are small pieces of art. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  25. How do you do it Merisi? You always put together such an enchanting story through your photographs and words. Delight Ode to Monday.

  26. Who wrote Monday's poem..?


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