Tuesday 19 May 2009

Viennese Moments in Gold

Austrian Parliament Building

Parapet Figures With Golden Globe
St. Michael's Wing
Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Golden Crown Candle
Fit for a birthday king or queen!

Gilded Frames and Crown Moldings
K. & K. Hofzuckerbäckerei
Royal and Imperial Confectioners
Kohlmarkt 14
1010 Vienna

Golden Sin
Demel's Pâtisserie

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Enjoy! :-)


  1. Merisi,

    Thank you for stopping by my humble little corner of the Internet. I love your photos of Vienna. They really capture the city and life in it. Takes me back.

    Per your comment, my brother also built a tree house for his children, though I fear not as grand as yours. Shannon, my wife, is afraid of my building one far off the ground, though we have a huge pecan tree out back that would be perfect as a base.

    Concerning Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House, yes I suppose it would be an early example of the trend toward "pod" homes. :) My wife has expressed concern about all the glass, and people being able to just look in at night. (I know it has curtains)

    We'll see what I come up with. My father in law is quite handy at building things, so I may enlist his help when our baby girl is a bit older. Maybe it can become my place of escape later on?

    Again, love the photos. Have a great week!

  2. Oh, wow! I love this post...seems like I say that EVERY time...but it seems like I always think you won't be able to top the previous, and you always do! I especially love your wit at the close!!! "Golden Sin..." you are so fun!!!! ~Janine XO

  3. Vienna always looks so clean and pretty on your blog, Merisi.

  4. Bring on a Golden Sin!!!

  5. Goldig! Glaenzend! In unserem heutigen Nebel strahlt Wien in vollem glanz.

  6. I consider myself more of a "silver" person, but this post has made me think twice! Everything is beautiful and not "too much" the way I think gold can often be... and the dessert "golden sin" is so tempting!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  7. Wow! Just stunning! Your photos are wonderful!

  8. Hi Merisi,

    Rich decadence all around...
    Is the golden shard edible?

    Happy Days

  9. Bruna aus São Paulo20 May, 2009

    Will be there in exactly 1 month on my way to visit my Tyrolean host family from an exchange program long ago...oh my, if I had been born in Austria I wouldn't love this country more than I do!Gruess dich and thanks for the fantastic blog making homage to my favorite city in the world!

  10. Michael,
    thank you! :-)
    I agree with your wife, I would tend to like a bit less glass than Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth house. A couple of years ago, the New York Times had an article about a wooden prefab house, built by a company from Vorarlberg, the westernmost province of Austria. Designed by young architects, who had abandoned the traditional Alpine wooden house style, but still built upon a wooden frame construction, it looked very appealing to me. You may find the website of the Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture interesting, the article by Otto Kapfinger, *Modules of the exhibition "constructive provocation"* for example (click here), especially the part about "Intelligent Exploitation of Scarcity". Have fun! :-)

  11. Delwyn,
    yes, the "golden shard" is edible,
    it's caramelized and spun sugar! :-)

    Thank you all for your kind comments! (Simon, you shall have to come to Vienna to get your treat!)

    I wished I could always answer to each of you, alas, the duty of the day are calling me away, leaving me often hardly time to publish my posts (for which, I wish, I would also be able to find more time - I would have so many ideas which would take much more time than available - one day, perchance, one can dream, don't you think?).

    May you all have a wonderful day!

  12. all thats glitters is gold...and sign me up for the sin fest Merisi!

  13. Lovely photographs, they capture such an opulent lifestyle. I especially love the golden cake!

  14. Thank you as always, Merisi, for your beautiful blog. It takes me right back into so many happy memories of my favourite city.

  15. Great work today. Those are a lovely set of photos. I love to see sky and ornate building in contrast when the light is just right.

  16. Merisi your pgotos of Vienna are stunning. The Golden Sin has me stopped in my tracks...so luxurious and decadent!

    I am enjoying browsing through your blog, it's wonderful!

  17. Anonymous20 May, 2009

    I'm humming the gold and silver waltz [I think] Ah Merisi, are you the permanant photographic ambassador for your beautiful city?

  18. You're are so gifted!
    I love how well you photograph food and drinks!
    I swear you could work for a food magazine!

  19. One Golden Sin PLEASE! That looks like something that would make me very happy today. :D
    Vienna is just loaded with unbelievable architecture. Great shots today, Merisi!!
    Hugs from Dallas,

  20. Kurwenal20 May, 2009

    Now that is one Sin I can fully subscribe too! Please keep tell Demel to keep that in reserve until October for me?

    Loved the close-up view of the Parliament decorations too. I love that building,( especially the Athena outside)

    Best regards
    sweet-toothed Kurwenal.

  21. I'm held captive by the last picture of schlag immersion...


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