Sunday 17 May 2009

Viennese Escapes: A Princely Country Estate

Prince Eugene of Savoy's
Schloss Hof - Hof Castle

Kaiserliches Festschloss Hof
Schlosshof 1
A-2294 Schlosshof
Lower Austria
One hour east of Vienna

"The magnificent complex was built in the early 18th century through the efforts of two of the most important personalities of the Austrian Baroque period. Field Marshall Prince Eugene of Savoy was already a legend in his own lifetime. An enthusiast for the arts, he provided almost unlimited funding for the construction, and the brilliant architect Lucas von Hildebrandt used it to realise his virtuoso concept of a unique ensemble, comprising a magnificent palace, beautifully designed terraced gardens and an idyllic country estate." *)

Photographed by Merisi
17 May 2009
More pictures
of this magnificent place
yet to come

Quoted from Schloss Hof's English website.


  1. Stunning! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world!
    ~ Carol ~

  2. Such crisp photography! You are fantastic! These are simply beautiful! ~Janine XO

  3. As always, gorgeous pictures -- especially the first one and the door within the door.The peonies and poppies of the past days have been intoxicating too!

  4. Glorious! What is it about a good door way pictures that whisks one away?

  5. It looks so clean and elegant. ((sigh))

  6. Hi Merisi,

    Is the estate a park now?

    It is hard to imagine living in such an opulent environment.

    Happy days

  7. Wonderful photos with just a nice bit of history to accompany them.

  8. This is gorgeous. Love the fountain faces, and there is nothing better than looking through doorways. Always magical.

  9. Lucky prince to have a home like that - the palace looks fit for an emperor :-)

    Beautiful pictures again!

  10. I wonder if Prince Eugene ever swam in his fountains. So beautiful!

  11. a beautiful place...

  12. Anonymous18 May, 2009

    A h wonderfull work ! THis place hAs Bnne on my list for years to visit. I await with joy your bright and exCelent pictures to come...and pLLease forgvia the cOmptery is agsint me today..

    BIG Thanks


  13. Anonymous19 May, 2009

    Love the shot through the multiple door openings. What a magnificent fountain.

  14. Ah,my talented friend, are so kind to stick with my behemoth blog post...I'm afraid I couldn't quite figure out how to control this very sorry... but thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dogged loyalty! You are a treasured friend for you many, many reasons! ~Janine XO


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