Sunday 14 October 2007

Happy Birthday, Maxie!

Maximilian's birthday was yesterday.
He was allowed on the chair
as a special treat. *)
He covets it to no end.
I always say, no way, Max!
So he was a little confused,
sitting up there
where no dog is supposed
to go.
Don't move, pleeease,
don't scratch my favorite
chair in the world!
He had had it after a few pictures.
Who did I think he was?
My dog?
Sir Max.
Taking no orders
from anybody.

Happy birthday,


*) Natch!
Truth is,
she wanted to take
a picture for Carol



  1. i read this and smile ( as a HUGE migrane kicks in)....

    thansk Merisi for your blog and your beautiful boy...max.

  2. Look, he's hardly touching it with his paws, and keeping his little claws well away.

    Happy Birthday Max.

    (I celebrate my cats' birthdays with them too.)

  3. How sweet! Happy Birthday Max, I hope you have many more special days!

  4. Happy Birthday Max :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Max! You look just beautiful and adorable!

    I see his nails is well pare. My dog Flora hates to pare her nails.

  6. Ois guade winsch i dia zum Gbuadsdog, Max!

    Did he get a special doggy confection?

  7. happy birthday, max! :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Maxi. You look regal in Mama's big chair.

  9. Oh what a precious little Max he is! :)

  10. What a great dog name in Maximilian! Happy birthday Max.

    My dog Reggie must think it's his birthday everyday - he owns the chair, couch and bed, ha, ha.

  11. oh,

    doesn't he just
    *own* your heart?


    my dad's name is Max
    and i think they favor one another
    in only the best way...

    does your max look at you
    with love?
    was just wondering...

  12. Dear Sir Max!
    You are even more handsome in closeup than previously imagined!!!
    And I have been doing a lot of imagining too...
    You definitely deserve to sit on a Mies Vander Roe chaise all the time!
    Bonne Anniveraire

  13. What a beautiful boy!
    He couldn't jump up there by himself with his shorty little legs!
    How old was he?

  14. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy! Hope you ahd some nice treats! Woof!

  15. Happy Birthday Max!
    I like making the pictures 'grow'.

  16. Am I late? Did I miss the doggie party? So sorry Max, happy belated birthday!

  17. My friend was just discussing with me the pros and cons of different breeds of dogs and she has decided upon a long haired dachsund! I will refer her to these beautiful photos of your Max and she will want one even more.

  18. Happy Birthday to a cute little guy. He has such warm eyes.

  19. What a CUTIE!
    Oh my GOD!
    I have the distinction of sharing a birthday with Maximilian Schell.
    Some actor guy. Hollywood guy. December 4th.
    I would rather share this birthdate with your gorgeous pooch.
    How are things in Vienna?
    Still gorgeous?
    Merisi, I gain weight reading your blog, and eating the photos........
    -- Cip

  20. Dear friends of sweet Maxie:
    I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart in his behalf. He's busy writing thank you notes out there in his countryside retreat. I would not be surprised if he would carry those notes to each of your blogs (he's a curious dog, after all!).
    He sends a special hello to BECCA,
    her friend made a very wise choice, long-haired dachshunds are the best breed in many regards. Maximilian, btw, is a native Pennsylvanian (oh yes, he misses the colorful autumn leaves of the East Coast and a romp along the sea shores every now and then).

  21. what a cute puppy!!! look at those eyes. he's quite handsome =]

  22. Such a lovely little dog you have there. he certainly does look a little confused but so cute.
    Great name too. My grandfather's name was Max.

    Must confess my dogs are allowed everywhere....

  23. Hi Max!
    How are you!

    Love your face! You look adorable!
    Kisses and Hugs from Sonia and Flora.


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