Monday 15 October 2007

Autumn Symphony

"The milder grace of autumn's face
Transcending golden shadows
." *

Salmannsdorfer Höhe Vineyards
(19th District, "Döbling")
October 10, 2007

* By Walter A. Aue
Quote from a translation of a poem
by Eduard Mörike


  1. Oh wow!
    I enlarged that 7th photo - that is THE best woodstack I've ever seen!
    Is it common to stack the wood like this?
    AND... I've never seen grapes wizened up on the vine before, either.

  2. What fabulous autumn images - the grapes, the rose hips, the leaves! Terrific.

  3. beh, alfine è arrivato l'autunno !! i colori però son bellissimi. I rossi i gialli e gli arancioni. certo dureranno poco, virando velocemente in marroni sempre più scuri fino a lasciar il posto ai solo rami. ma accontentiamoci di questo !!
    qui da noi il tempo è ancora bellissimo. c'è sole da diverso tempo. ma da ieri fa freddino la mattina e la sera. di giorno però si sta una meraviglia. ed il mare è uno splendore.
    ciao. luc

  4. That really is a brilliant way of stacking wood! Never seen that before.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion with the printing block, it is a great idea, and if I can find the paper I will give it a go.

  5. Just gorgeous! Your photos fit in with the Blog Action Day for the Environment theme. :)

  6. Wonderful pictures as always, Merisi! Well done!

  7. uh oh....raisins give me gas :(

  8. lovely, absolutely lovely...we're still in that over ripe almost decayed state here...

  9. Neat photos!

    The woodstack... wow! WOW! do they always do that? Why?

    I want a wood stack like that for our winter wood supplies.

  10. Beautiful autumn colours

  11. Born and raised in Niagara, I'm wondering if the Austrians are trying their hands, or rather vines, at ice wine. If they are, that'ld be something I would love to try!

  12. Oh dear,
    ineptness is my middle name! I somehow managed to mangle my answers to yesterday's comments.
    Here we go again:

    My parents stacked the firewood the same way, when they ran out of space along the barn. My brothers still do. This is the first time I spotted a woodstack like theirs elsewhere. I enjoyed this beautiful autumn scene greatly, right there in the middle of the vineyards, with the morning mist still hanging in the air.

  13. TLC Illustrations:
    Thank you. :-)
    Somehow autumn touches me deeper than the other seasons, I enjoy each and every day.

    For your artist's eye, autumn must be a feast of colours! Non parlarmi del mare in autunno, vorrei scapparci immediatemente.

    I can see you are in Paris right now, singing and probably dancing too, aren't you? :-)

    You know about so many things going on! Thank you. :-)

    As always, you are very generous! Thank you. :-)

    No raisins in the sun for you, then? ;-)

    I love that "ripe almost decayed state", as you call it so poetically. This is the time of year, when we usually got down to Giorgia. I miss that!

    Thank you. :-)
    I can only tell you what I know about my family's woodstack, yes, that's the way they stack it. I will have to check on that vineyard stack again, ours was then covered with a rooflike structure, so the wood did not get wet. The spaces between the individual logs keep them areated, so they can dry properly (if any expert reads this, please correct me if I am wrong).

  16. MARY:
    Thank you! :-)

    c'est moi:
    Oy yes, the Austrian vintners make excellent Eiswein! :-)
    I have heard that the past ice wine season was a bust, because it was not cold enough for the grapes to freeze.


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