Saturday 13 October 2007

It's the Little Things

Strudlhof Steps
9th District

I have noticed small stencils
on walls all over town.
Some of them are quite beautiful,
others bear political slogans
or messages.

This graceful figure greets you as you
walk up the Strudlhof steps,
like a harbinger
of a more generous artistic spirit.
It made me smile.

Strudlhof Steps

When the leaves upon the steps are lying
from the old stairs is heard an autumn sighing
of all that's gone across them in the past

Marble Table
Café Central
Palais Ferstel
Herrengasse 14

Saturday afternoon vignette:

Red Austrian "Zweigelt" wine,
Vöslauer mineral water,
good company
around a round marble table.

The Streetcar Named Serendipity
Café Roth
Outdoor terrace
Roosevelt Square

A Viennese moment:

Viennese streetcar
passing Café Roth
with its streetcar-red chairs.
says the camera.
The Viennese palmtrees
and wave gently
in the evening breeze.

Viennese blackboards:
Poetry in Chalk

"Frische Maroni-Herzen"
Wiener Schokolade

Fresh Chestnut Hearts
hand dipped
Viennese chocolate

It must be that time of the year again:
Autumn in Vienna
Ripe on the tree.

Old Buttons
9th District

Five cents each.
Your imagination: free.
Endless possibilities.
What if Christo
wrapped a few buttons
and dropped them,
like Hansel and Gretel
their crumbs of bread,
in Central Park?
Imagine Jeff Koons
floating a giant magenta button
over the White House!
Five cents each.
How many million dollars
after Gerhard Richter
takes a photograph of one
of these buttons,
transfers it to canvas,
paints it with a light touch
of his brush,
giving it a final
loving squeegee touch?
Five cents multiplied by how much?
Beyond my imagination.

Photographed in the afternoon
of Friday,
October 12, 2007


  1. The pictures will not open!
    On a side note I think I am going to make my way to Vienna before Christmas. :)

  2. Hi!
    I have had this problem in the past, but right now at least this post's photos are open.
    Are you planning on a Vienna vacation?

  3. no - they won't open for me either!

  4. I am so sorry!
    I now have reloaded every single photo and sincerely hope that they show up on everybody's screen.
    It's the little things .... ;-)

  5. Just checked.
    Yes can see them now!

  6. Oh - sorry - except the last one

  7. I can't believe it, those silly buttons not dancing in line?
    (Note to buttons: Ever heard of "smithereens"? Better check the dictiornary. Even better: Please let yourself be seen. Thank you!).

    Note to freefalling:
    If they still don't show up (I can see them, but that doesn't count, does it?) by Sunday morning, I shall evict them.

  8. All is fine on the button front.

  9. After visiting for quite a long while now ... I believe, thanks to your marvelous photos, that I am getting a "feel" for Vienna! You always post such an interesting combination of photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I expect that glass of wine was used to celebrate England beating Australia last week, and France this week...

  11. BECCA:
    Thank you,
    have a great weekend too! :-)

    If we would have known we would have could have done just that.
    Congratulations! May the best always win. :-)

  12. Actually at Demel they call it Potize too ;) I can usually go upstairs to my friends apartment and use the oven, but they were not here for the weekend and I couldn't wait! Heheh
    But one time I shall definitely come and bake something with you :))

  13. Beautiful visual poetry.

    I hope you had a good time with your house guests? Thanks for photos of chair, not opened them yet - will email when i do. Best wishes and hugs

  14. TEA:
    I can't wait! :-)

    This weekend I had kids of mine as "house guests", and visitors, friends, from abroad. My youngest made me watch Rugby in the evening and reserved the TV for next Saturday's showdown between GB and SA. :-)

  15. Have I mentioned what a button fetish I have? Mmmmmm!

  16. Nice post -- full of the minutiae of a city. This really reminds me of Vienna!

    PS I'd be delighted if you post the Actor's Studio photo art.


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