Tuesday 2 October 2007

Autumn Morning on the Danube River

Autumn Morning Mist
rising languidly
from the Danube river.
View from the Reichsbrücke's
elevated pedestrian walk way.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi
Jubilee Church
Mexikoplatz, Second District

Copa Cagrana
Donaustadt end of the Reichsbrücke

Houseboat on the New Danube
View of Donaustadt,
with the Austria Center and UNO-City.

View from the Donauinsel
after crossing the bridge
and walking upriver.

Millennium Tower
A residential and commercial center,
and the tallest building in Austria.
Brigittenau, 20th District

A Bank of Trees
Donaustadt Park
View from the Donauinsel

The Donauinsel
separates the Danube proper
from the "New Danube".

Leopoldstadt (Vienna's Second District)
is linked to
Donaustadt (Vienna's 21st District)
by the Reichsbrücke,
which crosses both Danube and New Danube:

"The Reichsbrücke (German for Empire Bridge) is Vienna's most famous bridge, linking Mexicoplatz in Leopoldstadt with the Donauinsel in Donaustadt on the other side of the Danube. It lies on an important axis leading from the city centre at Stephansplatz, through Praterstern, and on to Kagran in the north-east. The bridge carries six lanes of traffic, used by 50,000 vehicles daily, U-Bahn tracks, two footpaths and two cyclepaths."

The Wikipedia site offers a host of information
about the history of this famous Danube crossing.
The bridge had to be rebuilt
after the old structure
collapsed in August 1976.


If you'd like to see more
of Merisi's images of the Danube river,
click here, please.



  1. Very nice pictures of the Danube and all the different buildings around it. The first picture with the sun reflection on the water is an excellent composition.

  2. At the Copa...Copa Cagrana...the hottest spot northeast of Havana....

    Thank you! :-)

    Believe me, it is a hotspot during the beach season. ;-)
    The name is a play on "Kagran". This waterfront community, which was first mentioned in the 12th Century, is since 1904 part of Vienna's 22nd District (Donaustadt).

  4. I love to see the photos of Vienna.Thanks for keeping to provide them for us. Can't wait for the snowy ones now!!

  5. Interesting to see modern architecture. It looks like several of those distant buildings have a unique modern style not seen here.

  6. We have a giant cheesestick like those at Copa Cagrana at the entrance to Melbourne city from the north - just one though and it is on an extreme angle.

    Do you have anymore photos of houseboats - I think before I die (no plans to as yet!) - I would like to live in a houseboat!

    The first photo is my favourite.

  7. Ah, so that's where my keg wandered off to! (#4)

  8. Beautiful photos, you have a fantastic eye. Vida x

  9. Beautiful photos Merisi! I love the second photo of the church and water. Gorgeous!

  10. Wow! Gorgeous images of the Danube river, Merisi!

  11. Beautiful!

    Sometime when you're in that vicinity, could you take a picture of the footbridge in Rossauer Lande area?

    I love waking up to your photographs!

  12. A beautiful looking morning.


  13. Unfortunately, in the city where I live..there is no conceivable river as clean or beautiful as this...We do have a river..quite a pretty and long one but a lack of love has killed it...Fortunately, there seems to be a sprinkling of government officials trying to revive the dead state of this river..it will take years....I'm almost angry...

    It amazes me when I see pictures like this....Yes it does because I've almost forgotten how real flowing water looks like...In fact on a trip to the province several years ago..I was just so mesmerized to see azure blue rivers untainted by human meddling...These rivers in my country I have seen speak of calm..

    Your river here speak of hope and strength and care.

    I am really just sooooo taken by how clear the air seems to be and how everything is just..so ...pure.

  14. Mary :
    Thank you, Mary, you are welcome! :-)
    I must confess that I do hope a little bit more of the Indian Summer is waiting for us out there before we get into winter. ;-)

    c'est moi:
    As much as I love the beautiful older buildings here in Vienna, I do enjoy the newer ones too. It is an outward sign of a city that does not suffer arrested development and is open to the future.

  15. freefalling:
    Cheesesticks? And there I was thinking of French Fries! :-)
    I shall look for houseboats, Madame. ;-)

    Empty or full? ;-)

  16. The Diva's Thoughts:
    Thank you! :-)

    Thank you! :-)

    Thank you! I like that view also. I will have to see the church from close up.

    Lade Luxie:
    It saddens me that your river is in such a sorry state. If it comforts you, the Potomac river, which flows through Washington DC, has been returned to an almost pristine state, after years of neglect. May the same happen to your river.

  17. Thank you both, SONIA and PAZ! :-)

    I haven't gotten around to that area yet, but when I will, I shall think of taking a picture for you. ;-)


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