Monday 1 October 2007

The Perils of Harvesting Apples

One apple
One apple,
how can anything be
more innocuous than an apple?
Has an apple ever done
any harm?

More Apples
can you see
the danger lurking?

Dozens of Red Apples
I hear a brass fanfare in the distance,
"Zarathustra's Prologue,"
a new dawn.
In the orchard?
My heart
starts beating faster.

Apple Tree
Laden With Ripe Apples!

I am hyperventilating.
A ladder!
Any ladder.
Or I'll have to
climb the tree.
(Glancing over my shoulder:
Is there anybody else there?
Shudder at the thought.)
Adrenaline pumping.

My Sweet Darlings!
Golden Ripe Apples!

I shall peel you!
I shall slice you!
I shall spice you!
I shall wrap you
in the finest pastry cloth!
And then,
b a k e * y o u
at 400 Fahrenheit!

End of Story!

Oh, Autumn
Laden With Fruit Pies!

Here a slice!

There a slice!

Half gone!


Nota bene:

If you think
I am playing it fast
with your waistline,
you should saunter over to
Lucullian Delights,
where Queen Ilva I reigns supreme,
emphasizing "healthy vegetable dishes"
and yet, and yet,
manages in all earnestness
to serve you
a Chocolate Banana Cake recipe!
All that
before you can say "rughetta selvatica".
Yes, Virginia,
this girl lives what is called
The Mediterranean Diet.
Che ragazza!

Queen Ilva is not the only Royalty
here in Bloglandia that may endanger
your healthy lifestyle,
you should see the eye candy
Empress Carol of Macaronia
is tempting us with!
You have never
heard of le macaron parisien?
Pariser Makrönchen,
as I have seen them called
here in Vienna
(falling all over myself,
trying to pronounce that!).

They are poison.
They are beautiful.
They are all mine.

I am sharing,
click here,
for instant gratification:
"Paris Breakfasts".
Macaron Heaven, that is.


  1. You always have something wonderful over here. I really like the poem, a lot, and in concert with the photos? Masterpiece!

  2. I was in the middle of commenting on the apples and pies when I had to stop and look at the rose and the buildings.

    Visual indigestion!

  3. Oh Merisi, those apples...Where was that?! And the apple crostata look just M M M, even after spending my days in sweetnes, I'd love to have a piece of that kind of dessert :))

  4. Wonderful post. Such beautiful apples. The dessert looks delicious. A lovely time of year.

    You were quick with your October morning. It made me realise that it was October!

  5. Yes, the apples. Such a metaphor, 'the apple' . . .

    I was going to say there is a post for a fruit pie cook - any time - here in London. ;))

    This city's orchards are long gone, remembered in district names (Covent [Convent] Garden) or in street names (Orchard Street), Perivale (the valley of the pear trees). Most were I think attached to religious houses.

    I think we remove much more that the trees when we do that: we remove the spirit of a place.

  6. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I am sooo hungry now. Lovely photos as usual.... a visual feast.

    I have just given you an Award, over on my blog ... The Break Out Blogger Award. Would be delighted if you would accept :-)

  7. Wow! Just beautiful apples! The fruit pies looks delicious! Hummm! Yummy!

  8. what is amazing is- my mouth started to water!

  9. So...... are you saying you STOLE these apples? sure you haven't got a belly-ache from your contraband?
    And you are naa-aa-aa-arsty for making me look at that magnificent, glorious, divine dessert.
    I know it's the wrong season down here but can we have the recipe, so I can give it a go!

  10. I like it when apples appear almost as Siamese twins on opposite sides of each other from the end of the blossoms!

  11. Ha ha! I said that after all the baking I need some healthy vegetable dishes. But I had to post that cake, I just had to! Just check out Lucullian later today to see something a bit less dangerous!

  12. hmmmm, these apples and the trees are beautiful, makes you want to draw them. Your cake looks perfect! I'm a poor "Kuchenbäcker" and therefore admire your skills all the more. I'd like a slice please?
    I came here from Elizabeth's Blog and enjoy your Blog!
    Have a nice week

  13. Now that's not fair at all Merisi. Everything makes my mouth drool. There is nothing like a wonderful fruit pie....

  14. > how can anything be
    more innocuous than an apple?

    Well, remember that one fell on Newton's head and altered the course of science for ever!

    I made an apple pie at the weekend but it didn't look half as scrummaceous as what yours does :-)

  15. lovely, absolutely lovely!!! i NEED an apple pie!

  16. Mmm so hungry now! I love apple pie but hate making pastry.
    How many of the apples did you manage to pinch?


  17. I just got off of the treadmill and thought i'd check up on some blogs and I get tempted with these delicious images of pie! I'd really like a slice of apple pie now...

    And all danger aside, that second pic is great, very jungle-like.

  18. Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I will be out of town most of the day tomorrow, but will try to get back to you before the weekend!

  19. Lovely photos of the apples, the pie photos look especially good!

  20. Mmmmmmm! And such gorgeous trees too. There is not much more 'autumnal' than a wizened old tree loaded with gold or crimson.

    Yum. Yum. Yummy post.

  21. My wizened old trees(apple and pear) were empty, bereft of fruit this year... bad weather gave them a break, a vacation. I wonder if they missed their plump babies as much as I have? The birds and squirrels are in trouble. No fruit, no nuts... I will go to the store for them, but they won't know I plan to help them through the winter. I wonder if they are troubled now with nothing to feast on, nothing to hide?

  22. Our apples are ready to pick, but it is raining, how unusual for UK! LOL!


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