Wednesday 3 October 2007

Cafè der Provinz

Caffè Macchiato

Not mine!

Coffee House
Cafè der Provinz
Maria Treu Gasse 3
8th District, Vienna


  1. Hey, this is one of my favorite cafes in Vienna! But I've only been there in the winter, so I haven't gotten to sit outside. I should hurry, before it gets too cold!

  2. only 7 short blocks from the flat I am looking at. Ask them to save a macchiato and some waffeln for me ;)

  3. Hi Merisi - I have been enjoying your blog. But now, we are having a dinner party where all my cooking friends will make Wolfgang Puck recipes, so I am visiting you to get inspiration. This dinner grew out of a dinner we did featuring Julia Child recipes, it was so much fun, we are continuing with the chef themes. The party is Monday, and I am thinking of making goulash and homemade spaetzel. Do you have any Austrian tips?

  4. someday
    i want to follow you
    and snap my own photos

    of you snapping
    these great ones!


    i will eat all the yummy things
    i see...

  5. Right, that's it! I am selling our house and moving the family to Vienna. I have to live in a place with a cafe like this, and those waffles....oooh. ;-)

    once again, great photos (i know i keep saying this but it is true).

  6. I would like to stop at this cafe. ;-)


  7. charming...charming..charming...siiiigh!!!

  8. don't know how to tell the mister, sugar! but forget paris...i'm moving to vienna!

  9. Charming Provinc!
    It looked like my neck of the woods..

  10. Oooh, waffles! How popular is maple syrup in Austria, anyway?

  11. brian in oxford:
    Not as popular as in the USA, but my private survey detects a growing foundness among people who have ventured over to the States:
    Infact, I am expecting guests over the weekend and they expressed a desire to eat French, uh, Freedom Toast with maple sirup on Sunday morning (they belong to a subgroup of Austrian maple sirup cognoscenti, i.e. those who have received the sirup as a gift from overseas relatives and have grown addicted to it *g*).

  12. tongue in cheek:
    Thank you! :-)
    Corey, have you ever been to Vienna? This city is a veritable kaleidoscope of changing neighborhoods. Sometimes all you need to do is walk through a gate or turn a corner, and you find yourself enveloped by a different world almost, the same surprising effect like the constantly changing reflections of colored glassbits in a real kaleidoscope.

  13. savannah:
    Oh my goodness, that would be so much fun! We'd rock the boat, wouldn't we? *giggle*
    Are you going to take the Thankgiving turkey fryer with you?

  14. Paz and Lady Luxie:
    Thank you, both!
    I'd love to have coffee there with you. :-)

    This would be so much fun!
    Let me know when you are ready to have your first coffeehouse tour. :-)

  15. lori lynn @ taste with the eyes:
    Thank you. :-)
    I'd love to help out and have left you my mail address (visiting your blog made me very hungry *g*).

    Take streetcar no. 5, and you shall arrive there right when the waffles are ready! :-)

    Vienna's waiting for you, myself included. :-)))

    And how come I had to find this place all by myself? *hmmmm*
    All I want for Christmas is enough time to finally hang out there for hours! :-)

  16. Such lovely photos of a coffee house/cafe that could very easily blend in - in Paris!


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