Saturday 2 June 2007

Invitation to a Walk in the First District: Part I

Two Thonet chairs
at the Freyung

The Schottenstift Church
This and the following pictures
are a bit dark, I wanted to capture the clouds.

To the left, a corner of the Palais Harrach,
to the right still the Schottenstift

Courtyard of Palais Harrach

View of Schottenstift Church
from the Palais Harrach Courtyard

Looking back into the Courtyard

Courtyard fountain

Courtyard between the Harrach and the Ferstel Palaces

Hortensia Fussy
"Hommage a Courbet"

I decided to show you, over several posts, all the sights you would have seen, - regardless if the photos are good or bad or even interesting -, if you had been walking with me on Friday evening.
I started out shortly before 7pm, and reached the end of my walk, Cafe' Landtmann, next to the Burgtheater, at around 9pm.
Click here for a map of Vienna (you may have to select "1st District", under "Category", and then zoom in):
The walk starts at the intersection of Teinfaltstrasse, Schotteng(asse), and Freyung (Freyung is the large square). Walking east, on Freyung, the Schottenstift Church is to your left, right at the beginning of the square, the Harrach and the Ferstel Palaces are to your right.

Click on the underlined names for more images:
Palais Harrach Courtyard
Palais Ferstel

I you find this walk a bit gloomy,
here you may find
more cheerful pictures. :-)


  1. Anonymous02 June, 2007

    A city with so much history and so much to see that it would take a lifetime to make it around. Your trip around is a nice adventure to those of us stranded amid cornfields in southwest Ohio. I liked the photos you took and smiled at the Asian ladies who were smiling at you taking a picture of the two chairs. They had no idea what the purpose was.


    Today, I published a nest photograph and some details about its construction; and a link to some dead birds with an explanation. Oh; and thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments. I do appreciate it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo
    My Photography

  2. Never been to Vienna but your photos make me want to come and visit. More lovely cloud formation in some of the photos.
    Once in a plane we skirted a storm coming into Gatwick. It was the most amazing site, watching really wierd formation, wonderful colours and lightening flashing about.
    It is lovely weather here but maybe tomorrow there will be rain. Will look out for any good formations.
    today's word is cheaxy

  3. I had a bit of an idea of Vienna as the old Imperial city, and a bit of it as the capital of the nation state. Your photos are really helping me put a perspective to those two ideas. It really is fascinating.

  4. I love that little tree in the pot at the courtyard of Palais Harrach. If you're ever by there again can you take some pictures for me? I feel like drawing it!

  5. Abraham Lincoln:
    I went to Lorraine, Ohio, once, and loved it.
    I didn't really know Vienna, before I moved here, and I am myself surprised at how vital the city is, full of energy and beauty. Little Austria has managed very well to live with what could be overburdening history. You are right, a lifetime will not be enough, to get to know all of its treasures.
    The ladies in the chair picture were not aware that I was looking for some extra pairs of legs. :-)
    As far as the chairs are concerned, I am collecting chair pictures, and show them one day.

    You know, that Vienna is open to visitors? :-)
    I was shooting cloud formations, and not buildings, that's why they pictures turned out quite gloomy. I am looking forward to new posts of yours!

    c'est moi:
    The city turned out to be quite different from what I expected, too.

    I sure will, walk by there often enough. Have you seen the one picture one the link I provided in the post (you'd need to scroll down almost to the end)?
    I do love that tree also, and the showrooms are a delight every time they redecorate I find not only beauty, but whimsy. Viennese window decorators seem to delight in tickling the customer's sense of humour. ;-) Wait til I show you the new Demel window, people stopped in their tracks yesterday, and couldn't get over it. :-)

  6. Anonymous02 June, 2007

    Thanks for the invitation. What a vivid two hour's walk.

  7. These were only the first ten minutes, Britt-Arnhild (checked the time on my photos, 6.54 to 7.04pm *chuckle*)! So, buckle your shoes, there's is still a long way ahead. :-)))

  8. Thanks for including us in your walk. What a terrific idea - and a way to get a better 'feel' for where you are.

    The clouds were pretty impressive -absolutely luminous with all those radiant shafts of light streaming past...

  9. Oh Hortensa! You are so lovely. Wouldn't you like to come live in my garden?

  10. Just delightful and atmospheric. Really enjoyed the start of the walk, M...

  11. tlc illustrations:
    Tara, I decided to do it thanks to your question regarding "editing" my pictures. I wanted to show how hard it is to "edit", with so much beauty every step of the way. ;-)
    From the cities I know, after Kiev, - where even on the sunniest summer's day whole armadas of huge white cloudships sail along the horizon in the afternoon -, Vienna is the city with the most impressive clouds.

    Maryam in Marrakesh:
    Hortensa would love to!
    She's available, too. :-)

    I am so glad you enjoy it, after all that beauty you have encountered and captured lately.

  12. Loved the pic where - the burst of rays are peeping out from the clouds....!

    Those burst of rays made me reach for the camera in the first place. It was a magic evening for cloud watching.


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