Friday 1 June 2007

Café Hawelka's World of Yesterday

A mild summer night
Friday, May 25, 7.00 pm

Newspaper table

Choice seating

Melange with papers and open-faced cheese sandwich

Poster wall

Mirror image

Thonet chairs

The water glasses

Cozy corner

"Für abhandengekommene Garderobe
keine Haftung
Items checked here are done so at your own risk.”

"While the Glory Years may have passed, it is the outside world that has changed and not the Café Hawelka. It still provides a refuge for many artists, writers and musicians"
(From Café Hawelka's website)

"... it must be said that the Viennese coffeehouse is a particular institution which is not comparable to any other in the world. As a matter of fact, it is a democratic club to which admission costs the small price of a cup of coffee. Upon payment of this mite every guest can sit for hours on end, discuss, write, play cards, receive his mail, and, above all, can go through an unlimited number of newspapers and magazines."

Quoted from the English translation
Stefan ZWEIG's "Die Welt von Gestern.
Erinnerungen eines Europäers":

Stefan ZWEIG, The World of Yesterday.
(c) Viking Press 1943
The University of Nebraska Press
Repr. 1964
Library of Congress Cat.Nr. 43 5821

For more of Merisi's images
of Café Hawelka, click here, please.


  1. Quelle adorable!
    Longings for Vienna...

  2. Hello... you have a wonderful blog.

    How I wish I could step into these photographs right now!

    - Alison

  3. It looks like a very atmospheric café!

  4. I'm back! Another good selection of photos, M.
    I found a patisserie called Viena (yes, one N... Spanish?) in Murcia. I will post the photo soon.

  5. Anonymous01 June, 2007

    What a fabulous cafe. I'll never go to Vienna again without first printing off every page of your blog before I go!

    Cherry xx

  6. Why does EVERWHERE you go make me want to go there?

  7. Checking in to say hi and do my usual drool over your pictures. I feasted on your flowers the other day...they were so appreciated.

  8. wish i had never left europe early... :o(

  9. ParisBreakfasts:
    I can see already your new blog's motto! :-)

    Hi, Alison, you are welcome.
    Thank you!

    It exudes charm, and their coffee is good. :-)

    Times goes by so fast!
    You already back again, and I am still here. :-) Looking forward to your Viena post!

    cherry menlove:
    Thank you, you are so generous!

    That's Vienna's fault, she's a witch! *chuckle*

    I am so delighted to be able to share these pictures with you. I hope the weather over in your parts of the world has turned friendly again, and you get back to live without this horror.

    Well, some things are really nice here, then again, you have this wonderful nature and sea there, back under. :-)


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