Saturday 2 June 2007

Invitation to a Walk in the First District: Part II

Palais Ferstel

Tiefer Graben und Heidenschuß
Palais Ferstel

Am Hof
Europe Cup Soccer Event

Am Hof

Bognergasse - Irisgasse

Something very sweet coming soon:
The Kameel Patisserie

Bognergasse 5
Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Bognergasse, Tuchlauben and Graben

Am Graben

Corner Graben and Kohlmarkt


  1. Comment for myself to you:
    I am aware that these are not the best pictures one could get from such a walk, but if I'd waited for the day when I truly would have the time to undertake such a walk under the "right" conditions, i.e. great light and lots of time, it would probably never happen. I got on this walk because I was waiting for my daughter, who attended an event, so I had a good excuse to stroll. ;-)
    If you are interested in a particual sight, most likely I'll have posted about it before. On the top left of the blog there is a search window, which may give you other views presented on this blog.

  2. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    A piece of bread, white wine, tulips and a moleskin. This could have been my table :-)

  3. There were some tasty crawfish and arugola in between the two slices of bread. You wouldn't mind, would you? *smile* Pencil and fountain pen are my constant companions, too.

  4. Are the pencil and fountain pen for writing or drawing?

  5. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    I love these tours, where I can sit back and enjoy. Though do you think you could mail me some cakes to go with the show? please? And coffee too :)


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