Saturday 12 May 2007

Work in the City

Mozart and fellow ticket sellers
In the shade of St. Stephan's Cathedral

Could this be Salieri?

It takes three, and a chair.
In front of the Haas House
Stock im Eisen Square

This the very moment I knew,
I'd never become a tourist guide.

Camera man
Small is beautiful, I thought,
and pushed the button of my little one.

You are asking who's at work here?
Martha Srna-Modlitby
Antique Jewelry
Naglergasse *

View of St. Stephan's and Stock im Eisen Square
From the DO & CO Hotel Vienna *

Sachertorte and white marzipan roses
in the making.

In the Night Kitchen


Tomorrow is mother's day.
Somebody out there has already picked some
roses * for her mom.

*) Click, to explore further.


  1. Great photos.
    Like I would expect anything else from your shutter?

    Thank you, how was yours?

    Thank you, particularly on this post, since I hardly have had the time to upload the pictures.


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