Friday 11 May 2007



  1. Ah Merisi! I've so missed the wonder that is your blog. The tulips, the lilacs, the blooming trees. The wisteria!!! The water. The cemetery! (wow!) The store fronts. The pastries in the windows! All those scenes from Venice.... (We didn't make it to Venice. Bologna was as far north as I got...)

    I'm hoping my life can resume a more managable pace now - and that I can keep up on all my virtual 'sightseeing'. :-)

    Thanks again for your artistic eye.


  2. Temporary? I can kind of see the temporary aspects in the bottom two photos - but please tell me why you chose this title.

    You are so sweet, thank you.
    I am looking forward to see the pictures from your Italian adventure (and even more the paintings, that follow!), and wish you the best, escpecially a less heavy work schedule. :-)

    Temporary because last night I was so tired I wasn't able to post anything coherent anymore. And then I realized that sweet Carol of Paris Breakfasts * has dedicated yesterday's post to me,so I wanted to at least put a couple of photos up, temporarily. Now, I will leave them up, and hope to get sometime today to post more from the beautiful leisurely day I spent with very dear friends of mine, who for many years have stayed by my side like angels, through thick and thin. From Demel's, we started out to visit many of the places I'd love to show you all one day in person. And I hope Carol is among the first ones to get the special tour. :-)

    * 1 click, and you are in Carol's Paris!

  4. I love photo No 4. That alleyway looks beautiful. Is it in Vienna? It could be in France, Italy or Spain...

  5. Cream,
    yes, all those pictures have been taken yesterday in the neighborhood of St. Stephans's Cathedral, there are many more of these little old streets. I love them too. I shall write more about it. I have also beautiful pictures from my early morning walk in the vineyards, before I went to watch my daughter's softball tournament, to which I shall return now. Her team has advanced, so there's going to be plenty to watch into the night. :-)

  6. Anonymous12 May, 2007

    Oh, your images are amazing.
    The houses looks like they are popping up to reach the sky, just like the cream in the coffee.
    I'm smiling while looking.

  7. LOVE the photos!
    The second one, mmm... the reflection of the old, in the new.
    Really really superb photos, all.
    And the last one is giving me a nice caffeine buzz!

    Have you ever thought of making [publishing] an actual coffee-table style book of your photos? Really, you could have so many theme-chapters and all.
    You've captured a world.

  8. it's funny how we can put our own spin, so to speak, on a title...when i saw the question "why temporary" i answered outloud, "the clouds and the light, of course..." beautiful images, merisi, thank you!

  9. Britt-Arnhild:
    I love to make you smile! :-)
    I plan on post some of these pictures again, to illustrate how close together this very different images are located.

    Thank you, cipriano. :-)
    Of the second one, I will have more images soon. The Haas House is one of my favorite buildings here (architecture's one of my favs), and I really love the contrast to St. Stephan's. I was lucky enough that my friends were staying at the DO & CO Hotel in this building, and I have some photos taken from their upper floor room.

    The cup of coffee, yeah, that was a sweet moment when our Demelinerin noticed, that "the cup runneth over", which she expressed in a very sweet, to the point Viennese, way.

    If you got any publisher, go ahead, send him over! *smile*

    You are right: Meg's question let me reflect on the different possibilities of interpreting that "temporary". I did not mean to provoke it, but I am glad that you picked up on it. A post-co-operative, I love it!


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