Sunday 13 May 2007

In the Vienna Woods

Saturday afternoon

For more pictures from the Vienna Woods, click here, please.


  1. A friend of mine is spending the weekend in Vienna. She took a look at your gorgeous photos and couldn't wait to get there.

    I am still awaiting the arrival of my Cybershot.
    Friday night someone left a Canon Ixus 60 at one of our restaurants. Nobody has claimed it yet and we have no means of getting in touch as they hadn't pre-booked a table...
    I hope they contact me, it is such an expensive camera.

  2. I hope your friend had a pleasant stay in Vienna!
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures with the new camera. That unlucky person, who's lucky enough to forget his camera at an honest place, will hopefully figure out where he could have left it.

  3. a perfect Sunday......

  4. Wishing you the most mellow of days, fresh air filling you with joy, the perfume of grass and needles caressing your senses, and that promising path opening in front of you...
    I can never say what your comment means to me...
    Thank you.


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