Wednesday 28 March 2007

Morning in the Vienna Woods


  1. So gorgeous! I'm tempted to think you have a new camera!

  2. We are all surrounded by beauty but it takes a sensitive eye to spot it. And you, Merisi certainly have that... and a good camera!

  3. Lovely pictures, Merisi !

  4. Beautiful. Take me there when I come :-)

    I'm on my way down to Oslo, for a meeting, with my small camera in a pocket.

  5. Walk in solitude and silence...the scenary sort of had a very calm effect on me...

  6. andrea:
    Still the same old camera.
    I have narrowed down my search though, for a new one. ;-)

    Thank you (maybe I should apply for a grant from SONY? Their H9 is tempting me. *g*)

    Thank you! :-)

    Thank you. Of course, you need to see at the Woods! :-) Bon voyage!

    I won't complain about this being 7.30 in the morning and I already had walked the dog elsewhere. ;-)
    I am glad I stopped and stole a couple minutes to pretend I had nothing else to do but shooting the scenery (one of many on a 15 minutes' drive). ;-)

  7. These pictures are just so beautiful. I feel like I am there, at dawn. I miss Vienna.

  8. Hello Merisi, these are beautiful pictures. I have been looking back through my own blog and I see you were the very first person ever to make a comment there, way back in October 2005. I am happy to see that we are both still going :-)

  9. Here we are all trailing you on your walk through the woods...quick, look behind you and see if we left footprints in the dew-grass!

  10. @ cherry:
    Why not plan a weekend here? The city is so beautiful in late spring, look at last year's end of April and May pictures and then book the flight. ;-)
    (I thought of you yesterday, see today's blog.)

    Delphine R2M:
    Thank you!

    Welcome and thank you!
    It's a small world, isn't it? October 2005, *laugh*, when all I had managed to upload was that picture with the "shady" figure in front of the Washington Capitol, sentenced to hang out there alone for months. :-)))

    You early birds! I was wondering who was shadowing me. ;-)))

  11. There is something seemingly Monet-like about these shots, for me.
    All of them, gorgeous.
    Peaceful. Tranquil.


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