Thursday 29 March 2007

Window Shopping

Julius Meinl
Am Graben 19

Tuchlauben 6

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Bognergasse 5

Louis Vitton
Kohlmarkt 6

Julius Meinl
Am Graben 19


  1. I enjoy Vienna through your eyes!! My mouth waters, my eyes feast and my heart craves to visit! Thank you for the wonderful photos!

  2. You have given me an Idea..... thank you!!! I love how you most often post large pictures that I can peek around for details. The one of the outside cafes I had a great deal of fun making guesses of what the people were doing and thinking. Did you nitice in the one picture there was only one person smiling, and he looked like his smile was for a secret thought.
    I wonder what you will see for us tomorrow?

  3. Good shots...I like that reflections...on glass...and seeing things through that clear glass.Like that bunch of purple florals....

    Eggs are quite fanciful...( like rare eggs of rare species....)

  4. I am not much of a shopper, but windowshopping with you in Wien is alot of fun :-)

  5. Through your pictures I remember & relish my days in Europe. :))

  6. tongue in cheek:
    You are welcome, Corey!:-)
    Me too am enjoying your photos, from Paris right now and your part of France, always.
    Are we looking at the same picture, no. 4 from the bottom up (March 14, 2007 Out to Lunch in Vienna)? The round table with the five gentlemen, all with their hands folded? Somehow the gentlemen to the very left seems to be in on the secret, too. :-)
    You would love to be here, the Viennese (and their visitors, of course) are out in droves, and you could spend your days people watching.
    Would you share your idea/inspiration with us?
    I have shown you that corner many times in the past, the other day was the first time I spotted lilacs this spring, in that vase at Meinl's. In a view weeks, the lilac will bloom all over the city, painting the town a soft shade of lavender.
    The eggs are special, aren't they?
    I hate shopping, but do great with window shopping. ;-)
    You are very welcome, glad if I can evoke good memories! :-)

  7. and everytime it looks so different...will be coming back on "Lilacs"!!
    already late going home...!

  8. Yes, that very picture.


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