Wednesday 28 March 2007


An angel, robed in spotless white,
Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

Copyright 2000 by Michael S. Harper and Anthony Walton
(from The Vintage Book of African American Poetry)


Max, on Sunday morning,
patiently waiting that I finish taking pictures.

Max and his street buddy, Moritz.
(No more pictures, they'd decided.)

Cave canem!
Click on the images,
and Max and Moritz grow to the size of Rottweilers!



  1. I'm enjoying your spring moments. Do you think of us when you are taking your pictures?

  2. BREATHTAKING - mine stopped !!
    I know i agree totally that there is something about Dawn and dusk...!

    ps - big hug to your Dog from my side...for getting this view from you :-)

  3. Idahl:
    First, those beauties fill my heart with joy when I spot them, and then again, when I realize you or other visitors share my wonder or discover even more subleties in them than I was able to see. So I get enriched at least twice, and I thank you all for that.

    Hope you caught your breath again! (I'm not alltogether sure if you didn't stop breathing earlier, when that sundown of yours happened! *g*).
    In your honour I've added pictures of Max, without whom many of my early morning or late evening photos never would have happened.

  4. che meraviglia l'alba e i fiori ...

  5. A poem for my Moleskin.....

  6. love it! the dogs look as if they have a lot of personality. I have a fox terrier and a tenterfield terrier! both great dogs!

  7. lol...
    I like Max - Hi Max- pls do ensure that you keep Merisi on her feet...! Thanks for sharing !

  8. Luc:
    Si, davvero. Li trovo intorno a casa mia. ;-)

    Glad I can contribute to your collection! :-)

    Sir Max is the sweetest guy, and a great walker, too. His buddy, Moritz, is of the same aristocratic demeanor. They meet frequently on the street (Viennese love their dogs, and owning one means you get to know the neighboorhood pretty quick *g*). I could write a book by now of Viennese dog stories. ;-)

    You are welcome!
    Everybody loves Max. :-)

  9. You should write that book, the cats of Venice and the dogs of Vienna.

  10. Oops...( bowing in Indian Courtsey)

    - Sir Max I love you !!


    ps - that would be interesting Book on Dog & Cat- I am ready to book my copy.

  11. I would love to hear Alain de Botton comment on that fifth photo there.
    He would have profound things to say about the symmetry and the bas-relief stuff there.
    Beautiful photo Merisi.


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