Monday, 26 January 2015

On a Winter's Day a Traveler
Viennese Encounters in Slate and Red

Tree in the Window
Out of kilter

Cherry on Top
Red on slate

Window Mannequin
Breaking the fourth wall

Slate, the New Grey
Photographed outside and inside
Ströck Feierabend
Bread and Wine
Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 82
3rd District

Images and Text © by Merisi

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Angels, Doors, and a Traveler
Vienna on a Winter Afternoon

Light Slate-Grey Door
Also the color of Vienna's winter sky
I spot a gaggle of angels, a birdhouse,
and a light blue bird

Traditional Chartreuse
Double doors and shutter
As much as a 50mm lens can capture
in a narrow cobblestoned street

Traffic on a late January afternoon

Photographed 24 January 2015
in the 7th District
Images and Words © by Merisi

Friday, 23 January 2015

Mandarin Duck Tales from the Vienna Woods
Waiting for Sunrise in the Morning Fog

Mandarin Ducks waiting for Sunrise
The sun rose hiding
in a shroud of thick Danubian fog

"All morning the
Morning has been blackening"
Sylvia Plath, Sheep in Fog

Vienna in Winter
Photographed 20 January 2015
Image and own words © by Merisi

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