Sunday, 21 December 2014

Demel Shop Windows
Vienna at Christmastime

Chocolates, anyone?
Demel's shop window mise-en-scène
during Christmastime 2010

Das Hochwohlgeformte Fäulein von Schaum in ihrer Rolle
Highborn damsel stuck up to her bosom
in puff pastry and whipped cream -
a sugar paste creation by Demel's pastry chefs,
based on drawings by Federico von Berzeviczy-Pallavicini *)

Photographed 23 December 2010
D e m e l
K. & K. Hofzuckerbäckerei

Royal and Imperial Confectioners
Kohlmarkt 14
Images © by Merisi

*) The tonge-in-cheek, aristocratic sounding name of the lady-in-waiting
is an allusion to an Austrian pastry, the Schaumrolle:
Schaumrolle @ Wikipedia
"Schaumrollen, or Schillerlocken, are an Austrian confection. They consist of a cone or tube of pastry, often filled with whipped cream. Also called foam rollers, they are a bags or roll-shaped puff pastry, which is sweetened with whipped cream, or sometimes filled with an unsweetened cream puree."
Merisi's note: I do not know what "cream puree" is, but from what I understand, the alternate to whipped cream tastes like Italian meringue, made by slowly adding boiling hot sugar sirup to whipped egg whites. That makes a fluffy, sweet filling, and does not soften the puff pastry shell, unlike the whipped cream (the later is for immediate consumption).

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Merry and Bright
Christmastime in Vienna

Looking at You
Father Christmas
Kärntner Strasse

Into the Starry Night
Swarovsky Entrance
Kärntner Strasse

Merry Still Life
Ordo Teutonico Courtyard

Photographed 9 December 2014
Images and Text © by Merisi

Friday, 19 December 2014

Buying a Christmas Tree in Vienna
The Short of it. Somewhat

How to buy
a Christmas tree in Vienna

* Wait for the 15th of December
when the Christmas tree lots open
* Stop at "your" farmer's lot
on your way home from work -
rest assured, there is one between
your tram stop and your home
* A warm hello to the "Lord of the Trees"
and a gentle reminder that none
of the trees on the lot are to your liking
* Describe in glowing detail that
gorgeous tree you bought from him
last Christmas
* Allow your farmer an offer
to go visit his Christmas tree woods
right that same evening and
cut that one tree he knows will please you!
* Make arrangements for the tree
to be delivered and set up
in your living room the next evening
* Start decorating the tree -
I have not asked, but quite possibly
somewhere in Vienna an elf
is waiting to be hired to take
this chore too off your hands
Ah, Vienna,
packing your kids in the car
and driving to the Christmas tree lot
and then wrestling that monster onto
the roof of the car and driving home
and the whole mess of setting the tree up -
all but a distant memory!

Are you ready for coffee?
Tea or chocolate?
Off to the Kaffeehaus!
Ah, Vienna.

Wandering Star and Moannie

Originally published 21 Decembre 2010

-> Original 2010 post with comments
Images and Text © by Merisi

Moon in Blue
Vienna in Winter

Moon over Vienna
19 December 2014
6:50:50 AM

Strong wind, sleepyhead,
out of focus pictures.
Still, I could not help
pick up the camera, loved the mood

Images and Text © by Merisi