Sunday, 7 September 2014

Coffee on my Mind
Viennese Moments

Red Lipstick
and a dreamy expression

perchance, of hopping
on a red Vespa
and riding
to the next coffeehouse?

Asking for
un buon caffé con la panna?
Espresso with whipped cream,
that is.

Are you coming

Photographed at
Chanel, Kohlmarkt,
and Segafredo, Hütteldorf
September 2010
Images and text © by Merisi

In the mood for a ride on a Vespa?
Watch these scenes from Nanni Moretti movies,
the great Italian actor director driving through Rome,
beyond the usual tourist destinations:
"Il Diario" (one of my favorite movies ever!) and
"Pasticciere Trotzkista" (with a "sweet" finale,
perfect with un caffé con la panna!).
Enjoy! :-)
R e p o s t

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Good Morning, Vienna
Summer in the City

Early Morning Lesson
Vienna's buildings have more Halbstockwerke -
intermediate floors, Mezzanin around here -
than anticipated, always

In the Early Morning Breeze
What if I had taken this cab
instead of public transport?

Under the Viennese Sun
Burning hot at 8 AM already

Subtropical Vienna
Weather's been bordering on the tropics lately,
daily thunderstorms as soon as the bell strikes six included

The Joys of Arriving Early
Bending down to smell the flowers

Photographed 30 July 2014
around Meidlinger Hauptstrasse
in the 12th District
Images and Text © by Merisi