Friday, 1 March 2019

Otto Wagner Court Pavilion
1899 Art Nouveau City Railway Station

Court Pavilion Hietzing
Built by Art Nouveau architect Otto Wagner in 1899
for Emperor Franz Joseph and his family
U4 Metro Station, 13th District (Hietzing)
Photographed the morning of 1 March 2019
Image © Merisi Vienna

After a rather lengthy absence from blogging,
I am trying to get back to posting daily, starting today.
A big incentive was the March theme day - "Green" - over at CITY DAILY PHOTO.
Thank you, CDP, for graciously keeping me on their blog roll.
I encourage you to follow the link below, to "Green" images from all over the globe:
-> CDP March Theme Day


  1. A fine green -- and, oh! that Art Nouveau gold!

  2. Love this and welcome back to blogging.
    I may try the "green" too.

  3. I like that shade of green.

  4. Beautiful flowing shapes.

  5. Welcome back! Yes, we all missed you.

  6. Very nice! Welcome back!!

  7. Always a treat, we're so fortunate to enoy your views.


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