Monday 15 April 2013

Memories of early April
Vienna in Springtime

Looking Up
on a Sunday afternoon
in early April

While waiting
to meet friends,

I decided to take
a walk around the block

This being Vienna,
I heard a silver spoon
against a porcelain cup

Coffee being savoured
on a terrace
under those arches
behind the magnolia
in the early April sun

3 April 2011
in the 18th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Shadow,
    it truly is.
    I can't believe more than two weeks have past since.
    Vienna is one sea of spring green in any shade imaginable. This morning, I took a few pictures from my window, I stopped counting at ten different greens.
    The weather has turned from spring to almost early summer. The lilacas are blooming, the tulips are fading fast in the warmth of the noon sun.

  2. I ache to visit Vienna, moreso with each blog you post! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, Merisi :)

  3. Thank you, Catherine,
    it is a pleasure sharing what I manage to capture.
    I hope you get to Vienna soon!
    It is getting too summery already. It is my youngest's birthday and I was preparing a chicken pot pie for tonight's dinner (a welcome change from sitting a the desk, I might add) and the kitchen was unpleasantly hot.

  4. April 15th was much cooler and grayer, but I still loved it. I was so happy to be in Vienna.
    I love magnolia flowers.

  5. Merisi, I've treated myself to seeing Viennese springtime while having my morning coffee. I laughed at your mention of the sounds in the air...silver spoons against porcelain cups, perhaps mingling with some birdsong?

    Best wishes to you, and happy birthday to your youngest.

  6. I heard a silver spoon
    against a porcelain cup

    Being read on the BBC about the Ephrussi family in Vienna - The Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal.

  7. The shadows on the buildings are very cool.

  8. Zosia,
    it has warmed up considerable since then!

    thank you! :-)

    Paris Breakfasts,
    the "silver spoon on a porcelain cup" are my words,
    but the book you mentioned is on my shelves, waiting impatiently to be read! ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    I love them too! :-)

  9. I have never been to Vienna, but your beautiful photographic documentary truly does beckon me - perhaps one day..!

  10. pour me a cup of sunshine too!

  11. Thank you for taking me out of my little office for a few beautiful moments!

  12. So very pretty and delicate, and full of burgeoning life. It does me good to see these beautiful signs of spring: today we were treated to snow mixed with rain, ice pellets, and freezing rain. I feel in these circumstances that something stronger than a cup of coffee is required!

  13. here comes the spring!

    lovely, as usually <3

  14. Such lovely flowers, Merisi. When Spring arrives, it does sosplendidly!

  15. Lovely shots! Wishing you and yours the happiest of Easter holidays!

  16. P.S. I especially like the second image with the gates and shadows.

  17. I love magnolias !!!
    They bloomed everywhere around here and so early as well!


  18. lovely, lovely, Merisi!

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  20. So beautiful! Those shadows on the wall!

  21. Absolute perfection. <3 I love these everyday scenes of beauty you post best of all! (Aside from the Kaffeehäuser, of course!)

  22. AN IDEA!
    Maybe you could have a banner rotation?
    Fork over Strudel

    Spoon over glass

    Bridge over troubled water..

  23. It felt like SUMMER yesterday in Paris :(
    I'm ready for FALL!

  24. I love the light, and the pink, white and cream colors in your images.
    So fresh and nice.

  25. Wonderful composition on all photos.

  26. looks beautiful Hope you are doing well !! Have a great week!!

  27. Something about Spring.......

  28. Such beautiful pictures and poems!

  29. Spring is very late this year, fortunately there are the photographs of last years .


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