Sunday 25 September 2016

Into the Viennese Vineyards
Nussdorf at the Cusp of Autumn

A Viennese Sunday Tradition
Taking the tram out to Nussdorf
for a walk in the vineyards

Vineyard hills cover more than 1700 acres
of the outskirts of the Austrian capital

Vienna is the only capital with a significant output
of wine grown and produced within city limits

Walking uphill
past vines and roses

Rows of golden Grüner Veltliner grapes
follow rows of dark blue ones

Is there a chance of rain brewing over the city?
Viennese don't mind and always know where to find the nearest shelter,
usually a Heuriger, a wine tavern, where to restore one's strength with local food and wine

Photographed the afternoon of 13 September 2015
in the vineyards of Vienna's 19th District
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I could get drunk on the color alone!

  2. To be able to take a tram to a vineyard seems a marvelous thing to do on a late summer's day. It would also be pleasant in early autumn. This Viennese tradition has wonderful roots.

    May I also tell you, Merisi, that the prior post was a beauty. xo

  3. Oh Merisi this sounds absolutely fabulous, a tram, a walk through vineyards, summer sun, I could go on and on....but I must mention the wine though...

  4. The dark blue grapes really catch my eye.

  5. well, that was a great place for a walk. Especially the first image is a piece of art. :)

  6. what a very photographable walk and i am sure wine was enjoyed after

  7. Looks like a great day and a beautiful place to walk!! The grapes do look delicious!! Wonderful captures as always, Merisi, and, as always, thank you for sharing the beauty! Hope you've enjoyed a great week!!

  8. Wonderful shots from vineyard.

  9. Welcome autumn and good wine! A wonderful pictures!
    Wonderful colors, I like!!
    Limbo Delirium
    Black & White Abstracts

  10. hier wird gerade auch kräftig "geherbstelt" und traktoren in jeglicher ausführung legen die straßen lahm :-) wunderschöne bilder !
    in der hoffnung auf einen guten jahrgang wünsch ich dir ein schönes wochenende
    lg anja

  11. Beautiful vineyard images. Wonderful place to go for late summer.

  12. Beautiful vineyard images. Wonderful place to go for late summer.

  13. So lovely! The idea of fall ... rain ... ugh we need it here!
    I guess I will live vicariously!

  14. I would love to be there.


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