Saturday 23 July 2016

The Fountain at Schwarzenbergplatz

Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain

Photographed with my mobile camera
the morning of 21 July 2016
© by Merisi
-> TourMyCountry:
The fountain at Schwarzenbergplatz "was built to celebrate the construction of the first water pipeline
from the Styrian alps to Vienna in 1873."
"The edge of the Hochstrahlbrunnen has a circle of 365 little fountains, representing the individual days of a year. Six medium-size fountains and a central island symbolise the seven days of the week. 12 high fountains symbolise the months of a year, and 24 small fountains for the hours of a day. From the central island, there are 30 fountains that represent the days of a month. This is a re-arrangement that is in place since 1906."


  1. A very impressive waterworks!

  2. woow...beautiful fountain indeed. Feels like playing around it, especially in a hot weather like now :)


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