Thursday 21 July 2016

Golden Hour at the Upper Belvedere
Viennese Evening Light

Prince Eugene's Upper Belvedere Palace
In the foreground, one of artist Ai Weiwei's giant bronze Zodiac Heads
installed around the reflecting pool of the Upper Belvedere Palace.
Ai Weiwei's "F-Lotus" installation of a thousand life wests floating
on the water is a work created in response to the refugee crisis

Photographed with my mobile phone
on the evening of 20 July 2016
Image and Text © by Merisi

-> Ai Weiwei’s "Zodiac Heads" at the Belvedere: The installation is a prelude to the exhibition - 14 July through 20 November 2016)
-> Video of setting up Ai Weiwei's "F Lotus" at the Belvedere
-> #aiww21 - AI WEIWEI
translocation – transformation at 21er Haus, Vienna

-> Sky Watch Friday


  1. What a contrast in subjects, Merisi!

  2. I remember encountering this exhibit when it was installed around the fountain in front of what was once the Plaza Hotel. Oh, the place still calls itself the Plaza, but post-Trumpism stage, it's lost its glory.

    I thought having Weiwei's animal heads was a bit of irony. I know I took photos, and think I might have even done a post. Long ago.


  3. A wonderful capture. (I visited Vienne briefly some 45 years ago and saw "La Boheme" at the opera house. My first experience of a shopping mall beneath the city streets!)

  4. Wow, what a great photo! Love the reflection.

  5. I'm rather glad I got to see this pool without the sadness-evoking installation.

  6. Wonderful image and the reflection of the building is grand!

  7. Beautiful, moving and thought provoking, well done. (Thanks for your visit)

  8. such an amazing golden hour. Nice shot as always..

  9. This photo does not look physically possible. It's as if there is an imaginary pony on a stick in front of a real palace, or an imaginary palace behind a pony on a stick. If I stare at it long enough, maybe I will be able to figure out which it is...


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