Thursday 15 October 2015

The Vienna City Hall
On a Rainy October Day

Vienna's City Hall
Looking up at Reichsratsstraße
The building on the left is the University of Vienna

Vienna City Hall
View from the National Theater

A rare sight, the square in front of City Hall
in all its glory, without tents or huts or ice skating rink

Photographed 8 October 2015
300s, 50mm lens
© by Merisi
The Vienna City Hall at
"The City Hall is one of the most splendid amongst the numerous monumental buildings along Vienna's. Designed by Friedrich Schmidt (1825-1891), it was erected between 1872 and 1883. The architecture of the Ringstraße is dominated by historicism. In Historicism various stylistic elements of the past were combined into a style in its own right. Friedrich Schmidt however orientated himself just on one particular epoch. The City Hall was built in gothical style, with a tower similar to gothic cathedrals."


  1. It may be gray, or grey, but that Hall still looks fine. The calm before the bustle of Winter huts and stalls arriving.
    Love the perspective and angles in number 1.

    1. Gray or grey, that is the question! ;-) I constantly haggle with myself between American and British spelling.
      I quite like the view of the roof-scape in the first picture, I had arrived by walking through the rose garden, then walked down to the Jonasschüssel for a quick coffee, and still having left time before I was expected at City Hall, I walked behind the university building and was really pleased by the sight of the roofline.

  2. City hall really stands out, Merisi!

  3. I like so much the Rahaus of Vienna. Won-der-ful !
    From here, I can see all !
    Nice weekend Merisi !

  4. Jane Campbell17 October, 2015

    What a beautiful building!

  5. I've been scrolling through your posts at last and never get tired of seeing pictures of Vienna.


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