Friday 16 October 2015

Coffee, anyone?
Caffè Milano in Alsergrund

A Glass of Water
Downturned spoon and Periwinkle blossom
found on the walk from the Strudlhof Steps

Caffè Milano
"There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure" *

Coffee, anyone?
Cappuccino, one of the best
north of the border!

Photographed 21 March 2014
Repost © by Merisi

*) Quoted from Charles Baudelaire's "Invitation au Voyage"


  1. You really should be a full time food photographer. Everything you photograph, I want to try.

  2. Love your photos, always so good and interesting! The coffee, yes please!
    Have a happy week, take care...
    Warmly, Titti

  3. A lovely place to enjoy your coffee.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. I wouldn't mind a cappuccino!

  5. A lovely place to enjoy ones coffee and great captures as always, Merisi!! Hope you're enjoying the new year!!

  6. Hope to join you one day your cafe posts , you always have plenty to share with us💟

  7. James in Williamsburg, VA21 January, 2015

    Merisi, you have excellent taste! I lived around the corner from Milano for a few years and agree that their
    cappuccino is one of the best. Thanks for stirring up such wonderful memories.

  8. agh this morning i am sipping my favorite morning combo of caramel flavored coffee with two shots of espesso … so i am wide awake and enjoying your post!

  9. Oh you do come up with some wonderful pictures, I love when you do interiors and close ups. Who else could make a spoon and a glass of water look so desirable...pleeeease could we have a hot chocolate picture :)

    1. Winter will surely send me indoors more! ;-)
      I know where to get the best hot chocolate, I only need the time and someone to enjoy it.


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