Saturday 24 January 2015

St. Stephen's Cathedral
Looking Up at Liliengasse

St. Stephen's Cathedral
View of the façade of the
House of the German Order
at Singerstrasse and the cathedral beyond,
photographed from Liliengasse
12 March 2014

Image © by Merisi
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  1. The detail there is extraordinary!

  2. Merisi, that's such a fancy, and beautiful rooftop, but ...truly those mandarin ducks are even fancier and more beautiful. Why is it that I cannot wake up early enough in the morning to get out and see such sights?


  3. I have always loved St. Stephen's! The first time I saw it was early in 1973, in January....Too bad you cannot travel through time and photograph the same place at 50 or 100 year intervals. Don't you wish you could?

  4. wow .. just wow .. you sure captured the feel of that moment

  5. The layers in the image are so wonderful and the rooftops, just all very splendid~

  6. I just love all the architecture you photograph. Beautiful contrasts.

  7. Very pretty as always Vienna seems like a very happy city to me!


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