Sunday 25 January 2015

Angels, Doors, and a Traveler
Vienna on a Winter Afternoon

Light Slate-Grey Door
Also the color of Vienna's winter sky
I spot a gaggle of angels, a birdhouse,
and a light blue bird

Traditional Chartreuse
Double doors and shutter
As much as a 50mm lens can capture
in a narrow cobblestoned street

Traffic on a late January afternoon

Photographed 24 January 2015
in the 7th District
Images and Words © by Merisi


  1. Pretty doors, particularly the details carved above them!

  2. Love the doors and carvings ...we all need an angel over our doors đź’ź

  3. There is allways something to see for the first time, as long as you walk through the streets with open eyes. Vienna is never going to be boring, never ever :-) Love the last pic as well!

  4. very nice, the doors have an unique character.

  5. Doors have such character! Love these! You could easily do a Door of Vienna book!

  6. Doors are mysteries for me. Who is behind them? What are they saying and doing? Is it a happy place aor sad? You now have caused all these questions for me.

  7. love these doorways … are there a lot of chartreuse doors in Vienna?


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