Friday 31 October 2014

Trick or Treat?
Vienna and Halloween

No Trick
Milky blue is what I saw,
when looking up, causing almost two accidents:
Me, toppling over backwards, and a bystander
almost falling off the sidewalk while watching me

A Bit of Topsy-Turvyness
Easy to get back in line, though

More than a Pretty Facade
Perfect perch for people watching

All Lined Up
Quelle surprise: These Viennese standing under
the awnings were all waiting their turn
to buy a costume for All Hallows' Eve parties!

Vienna's full of surprises.
I better go and buy some Halloween candies,
just in case any goblins show up at my door!

Pictures 1, 3 and 4 photographed in the Second District
on 29 October 2014, the second one was captured
next to the Theseus Temple in the First District, on 16 October 2014
Images and Text © by Merisi

Sky Watch Friday Halloween Edition
Skies around the World


  1. Loved topsy turvey. A many layered image. I'll take your treats, those delicious cake and coffee images you do so beautifullly

  2. Merisi, it's always a grand idea to stock up on chocolate. A good use for it always appears.

    Funny to see the costume searchers' queue. Over here, "pop up" Halloween specialty shops appear (or, I guess, pop up) a couple of weeks before Halloween. Since not everyone wanting to participate in the big Halloween Parade or an intimate party, wants to make a costume, retail rallies to the rescue.

    I think that the home made costumes are much better.


  3. Ouch!

    That facade is magnificent.

  4. So Halloween is invading Vienna?
    We used to have little parties when I was a child but we did not go trick or treating.
    That seems to me an American invention. Have fun!

  5. Great pictures of a beautiful city!

  6. Best of luck with those goblins!!!

  7. your photos are always a treat!


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