Thursday 30 October 2014

Coffee, anyone?
Viennese Moments

It Must be a Sign!
No matter how many ghoulish faces are looking
over your shoulder, this one stops you in your tracks

John Ford's Watching You
He can't keep you from getting
a life-saving cup of coffee, can he?

Coffee's Waiting for You
Glass of water, downturned spoon,
Viennese coffee at its best

Turbinado sugar, white sugar, or none at all -
life's paved with hard choices, isn't it?

Photographed at the recently opened café
Tortenmanufaktur Zola Auböck
Karmelitergasse 1
2nd District (Leopoldstadt)

Images and Text © by Merisi
Link -> Homepage Tortenmanufaktur Zola Auböck


  1. Dear Readers:
    While the images here may look smaller (in fact, they are), you still can look at the original uploaded size:
    Click on any of the pictures and a light box will open, allowing you to scroll through all of them in the larger version.
    Why smaller on my blog: I simply could not bear the large, in-your-face version. Not today, at least. Tomorrow, who knows? ;-)
    Wishing you all a wonderful day and may those who seek always find good coffee,

  2. Hi Merisi ..I agree with you ,sometimes we just have to keep the photos smaller. I would coffee with you, no sugar thank you. xx

    I have been meaning to ask for a long time, why do you get water with your coffee. We don't in the UK or at least , I have never seen it. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Anne!
      There are many stories about that ubiquitous glass of water with coffee in Vienna.
      The one that seems most plausible to me - we are not talking science here - is that once upon a time is was not so easy to get a glass of good clean water, and Viennese coffee houses who were able to do so, started offering this precious commodity as a matter of pride and as a favour towards their customers.
      I confess I miss that courtesy when I am drinking coffee elsewhere.

    2. Vienna water is amongst the purest around, silver in a glass. It is also good for stretching out your hot coffee, just a little longer.

    3. That you Merisi very interesting and as you say very plausible . such a lovely way of presentation too. Hugs to you too.

      Kurwenal , thank you

  3. Aaaah, coffee is waiting, to go or to stay...Lovely!

  4. Enticing pictures as ever, superb. Just over 2 weeks to my next Wien visit, and the choice of Kaffeehause gets harder and harder.

  5. Really great images. Love the lighting in the last one!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Turbinado sugar is new to me!

    1. It's minimally processed sugar made from sugar cane. As far as I understand, it's the same as Demerara sugar, which is named after the region it originally came from. Both have never been bleached, contrary to so-called brown sugar which has been bleached, but has added molasses to reflect how sugar's supposed to taste unprocessed. Now, I confess this is what I know or remember.

  7. What a nice finishing touch to the coffee to have a glass of water. Your pictures are great. The sugars and flowers beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like Coffee to go or to stay! Life has so many choices. :))

  9. I never got delicious coffee in Finland (that's why I love tea!) but in Estonia my friend can make good coffee. I would like to taste coffee in Vienna some day. My favourite teas are green Jasmine tea or Milky Oolong with brown sugar or honey.


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