Sunday 2 November 2014

When a Traveler on an Autumn Evening
Ernst Fuchs Museum at Otto Wagner Villa

Autumn in all its Golden Glory
shines behind the pediment figures
of the sunroom roof of what was once
architect Otto Wagner's private residence,
nestled in the foothills
of the Vienna Woods

The last golden rays
of the setting sun illuminate the façade
with the Corinthian columns
and ornate cornices,
highlighting the stucco angels
of the portico's frieze

As if by the wave of a magic wand,
the sun in silent cession leaves
her scepter to the Blue Hour,
to reign in dusk at the appointed time

"Big Esther" by artist Ernst Fuchs
greets visitors and passersby alike
from her pedestal high on the stair landing

Photographed the evening of 30 October 2010
Images and Text © by Merisi
R e p o s t

-> Prof. Ernst Fuchs, Vita
-> About Otto Wagner Villa
-> Ernst Fuchs Museum at Otto Wagner Villa
-> Homepage of the Ernst Fuchs Zentrum


  1. Wow, that seems like a super cool place! How come I have never heard about it before? Next time I'm in Vienna, I need to visit that place :)
    Btw, your pictures are lovely!

    1. Definitely worth a visit - just follow the links and you'll see there is so much more to see than "only" the villa. Professor Fuchs has created a world of his own, inside and out. Simply magnificent. I also like the location, nestled into woody hills.

  2. What a grand building! Esther looks a bit unusual for the setting... rather exotic.

    1. It is a magnificent building!
      You'll find Esther less unusual after learning more about the artist. I recommend following the links and reading about his work.

  3. Gorgeous. All that stunning gold.

    1. Yes, that was a truly golden autumn evening when I captured these images!


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