Thursday 3 July 2014

Italy South of Trieste, North of Venice
Viennese Escapes: Along the Adriatic Coast

People Watching
from the pier -
and where in the world
did the blue blanket's owner go?

Affogato al Caffé
Drowning a scoop of vanilla ice cream
in hot espresso, then spoon it up,
slowly, while sitting in the shade

Bicycle and Ancient Walls
Basilica di Sant'Eufemia

Photographed in Grado, Italy
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Affogato al Caffé
-> The Adriatic Sea @ Wikipedia
-> Basilica di Sant'Eufemia in Grado
-> Northeastern Italy: Friuli–Venezia Giulia


  1. Consuming that coffee seems like a laudable occupations, as is the people watching.

  2. That coffee has me drooling. I love the bike against that wonderful wall. And I assume that the blue towel owner hopped over the edge. It doesn't look like too steep of a drop... or is it? :) Fine photos, one and all.

  3. Oh Merisi, the colors and atmosphere of these photographs have me yearning to find a way to climb into each scene. I would, of course, begin with the Affogato, then try to solve the mystery of the blue towel and fashion magazine, before giving that charming bicycle a spin.

    Lovely! xo

  4. She walked over to a kiosk where she bought a soft drink.

  5. That's an entirely different way of having ice cream!

  6. What's to say but thank you Merisi


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