Friday 4 July 2014

Man appeared in Holocene
Woman, not much later, at Demel's

Demel's Plunder
Not your ordinary mille-feuille pastry
shipped in frozen from a dough factory in the Palaeozone,
but mille-feuille created fresh daily in their own Backstube,
using yeast dough with layers of the freshest butter.

Man appeared in Holocene,
coinciding with the Plunder period.

Man prospered
after the cell phone was invented.
There was a simple reason for that:
It was so much more efficient to call in
a breakfast reservation at Demel's
than making your ownPlunderDanish or
hunting for breakfast mammoth!

Man may be an evolutionary latecomer,
but Charles Darwin appeared in time
to espouse about the tenets of evolution
by natural selection!

A Propos Selection:
Would you prefer
the Guglhupf to the right
or the one to the left?

Would You Rather
have more icing on the cake of life?
Or different layers?
Annatorte chocolate cake
wrapped with hazelnut nougat
or Schichttorte,
filled with layers of poppyseeds, hazelnut and apples?

I voted for Annatorte,
and a pot of Earl Grey!

I slowly savoured
cake fork after cake fork
loaded with chocolaty decadence,
while outside the city
slipped into evening mood.

Murano Chandeliers
lit up the rooms

while empty tables were heralding
closing time at Demel's.

Photographed by Merisi
in April 2009

K.u. K Hofzuckerbäcker
Demel Royal and Imperial Confectioners
Kohlmarkt 14

First published in April 2009
Celebrating Charles Darwin's birthday


  1. I really had to smile with what chutzpah I used pictures I had taken with a camera I was not mastering at all. Focusing in the rather dimly lit rooms was a particular problem. On the other hand, practice, practice, practise … or so they say. ;-)

  2. I'll have some of all of them!! They look SO delicious!! I have my Earl Grey tea ready and waiting!! Hope your week is going well, Merisi!!

  3. Merisi, it was grand to see these photos again, and to wonder how I might have previously answered the delicate question posed.

    On this evening, as we wait the midnight arrival of the next NYC snow storm, my answer would be, might I please have a slice of each of those cakes? And a melange, of course.


  4. I can count on frequently feeling hungry when I come to your blog, Merisi! It all looks delicious!

  5. Earl Grey and chocolate cake? Oh yes! Please.

  6. I vote for Anne Torte too.
    Since I discovered Demel, come to Vienna means for me go to Demel.

  7. Not all chandeliers from Murano have them but, when they do, I love their little frosty bracelets.

  8. I could go for a good mammoth steak about now.

  9. I have visited Vienna two times before, and i am planning currently to visit again end of february. Could you give me your favourite sweet spots in the city, since i dont know much about them?

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. Merisi, I think many of us, bloggers, have improved their photography skills thanks to blogging. Demel's still looks inviting (I'd like to visit again) and the cakes are still delicious.

  11. Giggle -- love the title and the entire post.

  12. Merisi -- so I am reading an EXCELLENT book that takes place in Vienna, in the 1880's. It's called When Nietzsche Wept -- and so at one point, the main character says to Sigmund Freud, "Sig, let's go to Demel's for a pastry." And then I said to myself, HEY, I recall some pics of that place on Merisi's blog.
    It must have been around for a long time, this Demel's -- since these guys are going there like 135 years ago! And seriously, no wonder they wanted to go. Those pastries look to die for!

  13. i have concluded that if i lived in vienna i would become obese in no time at all ... i think i gained 5 lbs just reading about those divine looking desserts .. oh my

  14. Merisi, here is a follow-up to my former comment, about the book -- a scene of which takes place in Demel's. This novel, When Nietzsche Wept, was selected in 2009 for the city of Vienna's annual "Eine Stadt, Ein Buch", which I guess means "One City, One Book", and 100,000 copies were distributed free to the citizens of Vienna.
    Did you ever get a copy?

  15. Being a man I say gimmie some of all of it.

  16. I think you voted correctly. Yummmm!


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