Tuesday 18 March 2014

Giant Ferris Wheel goes green
St. Patrick's Day in Vienna

Das Riesenrad
The Giant Ferris Wheel
festively illuminated in green
in honour of St. Patrick's Day

The Giant Ferris Wheel was opened
in 1897 in Vienna's Prater park,
to celebrate the 50th jubilee
of Emperor Frances Joseph I

"The Riesenrad famously appeared
in the 1949 post-war film noir The Third Man,
and also featured in the 1973 spy thriller Scorpio,
and the 1987 James Bond film, The Living Daylights.
It also appears in The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson,
Max Ophüls' Letter from an Unknown Woman
and its Generation X counterpart,
Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise,
and The Glass Room by Simon Mawer."
Quoted from
-> Wikipedia's Wiener Riesenrad - Giant Ferris Wheel

Photographed 17 March 2014
Images © Merisi

-> Homepage Riesenrad - Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel
-> The Third Man + Harry Lime Theme and locations
(My search for the famous Ferry Wheel scene with Orson Welles, alas,
was unsuccessful. The images shown in the link are contemporary;
the movie was shot in 1949, in a city still showing the scars
and devastation of World War II)
-> Before Sunrise Trailer


  1. So lovely. I adore photographing ferris wheels.

    1. With a height of more than 200 ft, this one is especially majestic!

  2. Vienna seems like a very joyful city, & you seem joyful in Vienna...I probably wouldn't ride on it, but would enjoy watching it!

    1. Yes, on the surface, definitely a joyful place to live in!

      I rode the Riesenrad once. While I am not afraid of mountain climbing, cable cars and ferris wheels are not my cup of tea. In fact, during that fateful ride, I had to sit on the floor and cover my eyes most of the time. I did take a peek from the top, though, and the view was out of this world beautiful, the whole city at my feet, but I was unable to take pictures.

  3. Oh, WOW! What a great Ferris Wheel!! And terrific, colorful captures, Merisi! Hope you have a great week!!

  4. Pretty fancy all decked out for St. Patrick's Day.

    1. That was a nice gesture, wasn't it?

  5. So pretty. Ferris wheels remind me of my childhood.

    1. There was no ferris wheel in my childhood! ;-)

  6. What a lovely way to mark St. Patrick's! The last shot could be an abstract:)

  7. Looking at it now, I was reminded indeed of The Living Daylights and Before Sunrise. It's a beautiful wheel.

    1. Yes, it is beautiful and majestic!

  8. Some good photos of the Ferris wheel here.

  9. Now that is the way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! xoxox

  10. It looks very nice dressed in green, against that gorgeous sky.

  11. WOW ... so beautiful ... i dont know why, i always thought St Pat's was a wholy American 'holiday' .. wrong again


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