Friday 22 November 2013

Thanksgiving in a Viennese Kitchen
Sometimes She Cooks

It began innocently enough.
A cup of tea, watching a cooking show,

cutting six loaves of bread into cubes
for Thanksgiving's turkey stuffing,

when a sudden draft
sent a Japanese maple leaf

sailing through the air,
landing on my cup of tea!

The "Before" Picture:
I had picked up the leaf a couple of days ago
on my way to the grocery store,
and given it a place of honor
on my laptop

Photographed last night
Images and Text © by Merisi

Links to a few of my favorite cooks:
-> Sam Hoffer's "Carolina Kitchen"
-> Mary's "One Perfect Bite
-> Ilva Beretta's "Lucullian Delights"
-> Giuliano Hazan's "Educated Palate"


  1. What a lovely surprise this morning to see my name among your favorites. I am honored and flattered. You have definitely made my day.

    I enjoyed reading your comment on my blog about all of the prep work you've done in advance of your big Thanksgiving dinner. Your stuffing with the leeks and bacon sounds so sophisticated and full of flavor. How I wish I could send you a big bag of good Georgia pecans, but they freeze so well I'm sure the ones you have will work great.

    I always found that celebrating Thanksgiving in a foreign country (we were the Bahamas, a country that doesn't have that holiday either), a bit unusual, but the fact that every Bahamian we invited came and celebrated & enjoyed along with us made it all the more special. Happy Thanksgiving Merisi.

  2. This was a lovely way to "wake up" with my own cup of tea, before I head off to work this morning. Thank you!

  3. I cannot view one of the images for some reason Merisi, and yet the others...very nice...and Thanksgiving in the heart every day, all around the world, when we can think about all that we truly have. I adore sage stuffing and that is one thing I look forward to tasting this time of year. A lot of work goes into the preparation and yet so worth the extra effort, rather than store bought. The leaf just knew it had a place to land, to show off the beauty that you had first noticed, so that all of us could share in the beauty as well...sweet!

  4. love the phrase, 'sometimes she cooks'.....I bring leaves into the house all the time....I host Thanksgiving annually, and its always a stressor since I am not a cook & we downsized to a small townhouse....thank goodness for 2/3 adult sons who love to cook...both daughters are too busy with 2 toddlers each....Holly
    PS My husband always does the mass of dishes & pans, that's what makes me thankful....

  5. Merisi, your flying leaf has demonstrated a lovely bit of serenDipity!

    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  6. I agree with Charles, a whole new meaning to tea leaves!! I love it!! Great shot for the day, Merisi!!

  7. What a pretty picture! The colour of the leaf looks lovely and what a delicate cup and saucer.

  8. The Tea Leaf is truly magical.
    How can so much artistry come in a cup of tea?
    Beautiful teacup too.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving for it really can be that day in your heart whether the place you live celebrates it or not.
    I am thankful for delightful people like you Merisi.

  9. OMG how gorgeous is that leaf in your coffee! I love this post/set. I felt like I was there with you.

  10. Such a lovely happenstance! I've been cooking too -- an exceptionally fine dinner for friends who have also just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary -- Stuffed pork tenderloin, Garlic mashed potatoes, Roasted asparagus and peppers... we were too hungry to stop to take pictures so it won't show up on my blog -- unless I recreate it.

  11. What a spot to land. :-)

  12. what a lovely tea. sure is a drift from one continent to another with that tea leaves. it looks really delicious.

  13. Wrong kind of tea leaf… but amusing!

  14. Thank you, each and every one, for your comments, they warmed my heart!
    You are the best readers and friends one could wish for.
    I will probably only repost for a day or two, but I am looking forward to seeing you around here again, soon,
    thank you again,

  15. Nice cup, and as alway creative posting with great details and composition.
    HaPpY WeeKeNd!

  16. Coffee or tea, differents but so much fun !!!!


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