Saturday 23 November 2013

Merisi's Postcards from America
O Beautiful for Halcyon Skies

Ginkgo at Sunset
Asheville, North Carolina

Afternoon at the Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland

Woodend Nature Sanctuary
Audobon Naturalist Society
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Gibson Grove Church
Bethesda, Maryland

Woodland Cemetery
Madison County, North Carolina

Strasburg, Virginia

Asheville, North Carolina
United States of America

Photographed Autumn 2012
All rights reserved © by Merisi


  1. Good morning,
    my family is celebrating Thanksgiving today, hence a repost.
    When autumn rolls around, I get homesick for the East Coast, and last year, I managed to actually go back and visits friends all over the place, from Washington, DC, down to Norath and South Carolina. Heaven!
    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting and enriching my days with your comments,

  2. I am also on Facebook, come join me there! Every now and then I manage to load up an extra picture or link there.
    Link: Merisi on Facebook

  3. I too love the East Coast...from the Southeast on up. Savannah, Charleston, Washington, DC....and one big sigh..New York.

    Do tell...

    Will you be preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with a Vienna twist?

    1. Signed,
      Anonymous aka Laurie Sf..xx

    2. Hello, Laurie, nice to "see" you! :-)
      I think it's as American as can be. I hope to write about it after the weekend. Trying to shoot some pictures in between (sticky, oily hands!). It's twelve, and the turkey's in the oven, cranberry sauce, 2 apple pies, chocolate pean tart (huge), all one the windowsill to cool. Two varieties of green beans cooked (will be reheated with olive oil, garlic and lemon zest). After my two minutes of rest, I shall throw the dressing together (leeks, celery, and bacon already sauteed ahead and frozen). There will be scallops on a bed of wild herb salad as a little "Gruß aus der Küche" once the guests are all here. Then they have to wait until the turkey, er, I am ready with the rest of it.
      A little helper already decked the table last night. Woohoo! :-)

    3. Pecan instead of pean! ;-)

    4. ein Gruß aus der Küche = l'amuse-gueule

  4. What great snaps, especially the little white church in Bethesda. Churches just like that are all over the south and they never cease to amaze me how pretty they are in their simplicity.

    Your Thanksgiving feast sounds fantastic. You must have been cooking all week from the sound of your menu. Have a great get-together.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Merisi! I love the pictures especially the framing of the tree on the Maryland one. Your feast sounds fabulous -- I'm in the process of organizing ours...

  6. Very lovely, have a nice sunday.

  7. Best regard from belgium and my two golden Cerise and zitablue

  8. Dear Merisi, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love all photos! The Gibson Grove Church and the Farmstead are specially beautiful!
    Hope you have a nice weekend. :)

  9. What lovely pictures with beautiful Fall colors!! Very nice blog. Have a nice w/end.

  10. Gorgeous.
    I love ginkgo trees.

    My favorite is the bench in Maryland. Wow.

  11. Beautiful light everywhere - I love the colors of course!

  12. That first photo is stunning. Thank you for sharing! LOVE fall colors!


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