Monday 13 May 2013

Coffee Cup Waltz
Viennese Moments

Some afternoons
I have coffee in Paris,

but while looking out into the Secret Garden
admiring a neighbour's tulips

my cup takes up a life of its own
and waltzes closer to Rome

Images and text © Merisi
Originally posted January 2012


  1. Ah, your captures are always delightful, Merisi! And! they always make me long for a cup of your coffee!! Today is no exception! Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. Beautiful saucers! I have several like those that I found in a second hand store on my last visit to Paris; they make ordinary coffee seem like an escape for me, too. :)

  3. I love the photo of the tulips in the window!

  4. Your pictures made me feel like I am reading a beautiful fairytale :)

  5. That´s a lovely way to travel :-)

  6. Entre la tour Eiffel et le Colisée, il est sûrement agréable de prendre son petit café !!!!

  7. I love the photo of tulips in the window.
    I wonder who the people are who are living there.

    1. Gunn,
      to this day, there are always flowers in that window, tulips as long as their season lasts, for years now. I can barely see the window anymore because the trees between our windows have grown quite a bit. I have been tempted to go over to that house (which is on the other side of our city block, a garden separates them) and ring all the doorbells until I find the keeper of those flowers. ;-)

  8. I keep looking for your name in my coffee cup but so far no go ;((
    Quelle dommage
    Tres Jolie

  9. Oh, Merisi ... you should go meet the person whose flowers you have been admiring and let them know how much pleasure they have brought you through the years. How wonderful to look out and see such simple beauty every day. Your picture should be framed and hanging somewhere in your house, too! So lovely!


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